Benefits of student-led classrooms and promoting agency in school

As you navigate the educational landscape for your little one, it’s crucial to explore teaching methods that go beyond the traditional. One such approach gaining momentum is the student-led classroom. This blog aims to take you through the importance of this dynamic learning environment and how, as parents, you can play a pivotal role in supporting your child’s journey.

Benefits of student-led classrooms:

1. Improved engagement:

In a student-led classroom, each child actively participates in their learning journey. The emphasis on curiosity and exploration fuels a higher level of engagement with the learning resource. Studies show that engaged students tend to achieve better academic results, making student-led classrooms an appealing option for your child. Students are invited to set up the classrooms and make decisions about the upcoming learning together with the teacher.


2. Increased motivation:

Empowering students to take charge of their education boosts their motivation to delve deeper into subjects. This newfound motivation translates into timely completion of assignments and projects, contributing to an overall enhancement in academic performance. It also contributes to students experiencing a sense of ownership over their own learning. Taking the time to purposefully plan their learning, based on personal learning goals, also helps students be in charge.

3. Better communication skills:

Communication is key, and student-led classrooms provide a fertile ground for honing this essential skill. Through active participation and steering discussions, children develop confidence in expressing themselves, setting the stage for strong communication skills in the future. Students share the importance of choice and trust in feeling agentic. Choices in where to learn, how to learn and who to learn with are factors that help them have agency in their learning.


How parents can support

As a parent, your involvement is instrumental in your child’s academic success within a student-led classroom. Here are some tips:

1. Preparation is key

Ensure your child is well-prepared for class by checking homework and helping them stay organized.

2. Be a helping hand

Be available to assist with any questions or difficulties they may encounter during their learning journey.

3. Encourage initiative

Foster a sense of initiative in your child, empowering them to take charge of their learning when appropriate.

4. Identify improvement areas

Help them identify areas that need improvement and suggest strategies to enhance their skills.

5. Constructive feedback

Provide constructive feedback to aid in the development of better communication and problem-solving skills.

6. Create a study sanctuary

Ensure they have a designated time to study and work on assignments without distractions.

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