Application Process

The academic year at OWIS begins in August and concludes in July. However, prospective students can apply for admission at any point during the school year. Admission into the school is dependent on the student’s overall application as well as the availability within their particular grade level.

Any student who is interested in attending school at OWIS must follow the steps of the application process and complete each portion of the application form in order for their admission to be considered. At OWIS, we are committed to making sure that our application process is as straightforward and simple as possible, which helps streamline our admissions process.

9 step process

Complete application form online and upload all necessary documents, which includes past school reports and reference materials from previous teachers or carers.

Pay the one time non-refundable application fee.

We often have a discussion with new parents as well as an informal interview with the student. Assessment tests are conducted for certain grades.

To confirm the admission, a place of offer is shared with the parent that they have to accept. This confirms that we're able to offer a seat to the child.

The login details for the parent portal is shared and parents are required to generate e-contract.

Optional - Submit the registration form for school bus only if you're availing school transport.

Make payment of tuition fees. The primary mode of payments are cheque or credit card.

Two sets of uniforms are included in the school fee which parents are required to collect from our uniform supplier.

On the first day of school - you are requested to collect parent tags.

Have a question? Get in touch with our Admissions Team.

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Just drop us a message and our Admissions Counsellor will get back to you by the next working day.

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