The Academic and Examination Board

The Academic and Examination Board is the governing body at One World International School that manages the academic quality of the school’s curriculum and is in charge of developing the examination and assessment procedures at the school. There are currently three members on the board.

The duties of the AEB include:

Developing the policies and procedures that ensure all students enjoy a high-quality academic experience. This includes verifying that the content presented in the curriculum is age-appropriate, academically competitive and relevant to the entrance exams needed for higher education.

Working with all staff members to ensure that the policies and procedures established by the board are complied with, in the classroom setting.

Conducting an annual review of all policies and procedures to make sure that they stay current.

Moderating the examinations and the assessment process.

Reviewing and handling all appeals submitted by students in regard to examination or assessment matters.

Members of the AEB

The Academic and Examination Board serves at the pleasure of the Head of School, who also is the chairperson for the AEB. The members of the board work together in order to provide the staff members, students and parents with a valuable experience. The important work that this governing body does helps to make OWIS a stimulating and exciting place for students of all ages to become lifelong learners.

Mark Renie

Currently serves as the Board Chair and is the Head of School of OWIS. He has a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and an MEd in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development.

Dr Tracy Ghomashchian

Currently serves as an at-large member of the AEB. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Graphics Technology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Management & Leadership, and a PhD in Education.

Karel van der Linden

Currently serves as an at-large member of the AEB. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics and has also completed a Postgraduate Course in Primary Education. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Educational Leadership online.

School Managers

Atul Temurnikar

Serves as the Chairman of the school managers. He is the Chairman and Co-founder of the Global Schools Foundation.

Kaustubh Bodhankar

He is the Deputy CEO of Global Schools Foundation.

Gaurav Pant

He is a Partner at Apollo Global Management Inc.