Learning Programmes and Curricula at OWIS

From Early Childhood and Primary school all the way through to Secondary School, our well-rounded approach prepares children to thrive in all areas of life, putting them on track to become dynamic global citizens, thoughtful leaders and lifelong learners.
Our core values of kindness and compassion are woven into every aspect of a student’s learning journey. Our teachers make each child feel valued, and we celebrate the diversity of our school community. Our nurturing environment fosters a sense of safety and belonging as students learn to respect themselves and each other while they explore the world around them and consider different perspectives and cultures.

We offer three programmes at OWIS:
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International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme

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Cambridge IGCSE

International General Certificate of Secondary Education

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International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Discover how we foster a lifelong love of learning in our students.

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Our Curricula and Academic Pathway at OWIS

The curricula at OWIS are designed to provide students with an academic experience that is both stimulating and rewarding. We place a lot of emphasis on student agency which means that the learner is placed at the centre of learning and is responsible for making choices that drive the learning. Through our carefully-chosen academic pathway, students develop critical thinking skills, an inclination toward innovation, and the international mindedness they need to become responsible citizens in an increasingly global economy.

OWIS - Chinese-English Bilingual Programme

AGES 7-11

Chinese-English Bilingual Programme

This optional programme for Grades 1 to 5 in Primary School is designed to build on the students’ existing language skills.

OWIS - Modified Cambridge Curriculum for Secondary School

AGES 12-14

Modified Cambridge Curriculum for Secondary School

In Grades 6 to 8, our curriculum is based on the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme framework. 

OWIS Cambridge IGCSE for secondary school

AGES 15-16

Cambridge IGCSE for secondary school

Find out more about our Cambridge IGCSE curricula for Grade 9 and 10 that will equip them with the skills they need in the pre-university grades.

OWIS - IB Diploma Programme for Secondary School

AGES 17-18

IB Diploma Programme for Secondary School

The IB DP in Grades 11 and 12 is a two-year globally-recognised programme that gets students ready for their higher studies in university and beyond. 

OWIS - IB PYP for Early Childhood

IB PYP for Early Childhood 1 to Grade 5

The IB PYP curriculum is ideal for our early childhood learners and primary school students from the ages of 3-11 because it prioritises hands-on learning opportunities. The students in our Early Childhood and primary school programmes are able to explore their world while learning about fundamental concepts in their own way.

The IB PYP curriculum also stresses the importance of developing emotional and social skills. Students in our early childhood and primary school programmes develop a respect for themselves and others as they learn to interact in a community setting.

Cambridge Curriculum for Grade 6 to Grade 10

In Grades 6 to 8, we follow the Modified Cambridge Curriculum, based on the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme. This has been adapted to fit the international school setting at OWIS. This curriculum allows students to acquire knowledge and develop an appreciation for people of all cultures and backgrounds.

The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum for Grades 9 to 10 is known for its rigorous instruction for students between the ages of 14-16. It is a globally recognised qualification through which students can learn academic rigour and gain a deeper understanding of different subjects.

In addition, we offer everyday life skills through our personal, social and health education classes.

OWIS Primary Cambridge Curriculum
OWIS IB Diploma for Secondry School

IB Diploma for Grades 11 and 12

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, or IBDP, is the curriculum offered for Grade 11 and Grade 12 at OWIS. The IBDP is recognised around the world as a world-class pre-university programme, due to the fact that it prepares students to excel academically as well as being ready for our ever-changing world.

It is a comprehensive curriculum that takes two years to complete. Upon completing the coursework, students must take final examinations before graduating.

Why Choose our School Curricula and Learning Programmes

Our curricula are designed to provide students with the academic framework they need to succeed in a global economy.

Many students who come from other countries are able to easily adapt to our curricula because it is offered at many of the other top international schools around the globe.

Our curricula emphasise the need for inquiry-led, skills and value-based learning.

Our curricula empower students to take ownership of their learning and become independent thinkers from an early age.

Our teachers personalise their students’ learning journeys by trying to understand their interests and what motivates them.

Our students are encouraged to develop passions and interests through our well-rounded learning programmes.

Explore Our Co-Scholastic Learning Programmes

OWIS - Language Programme

Language Programme

Improve your child’s exposure to a second language and culture through our immersive language programme.


Music Programme

Music Programme

Find out how our students gain a solid foundation in music and how we incorporate music theory and music appreciation in our curriculum.

Sports Programme

Sports Programme

Explore our sports curriculum and find out how we support and prepare your child for both individual and team sports.


Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning

Discover how we extend the learning experience for your child beyond the classroom walls while allowing for a mental and physical break during the day.

OWIS Secondary students creating art

Arts Programme

Understand how our Arts Programme uses the elements of visual, creative and performing arts to give your child an appreciation of the benefits of artistic expression.

Students in IBDP at OWIS Nanyang using technology devices | Leading International School for IB Diploma Programme in Singapore

Digital Learning

Learn about how we engage students in their learning through the mindful use of technology and how we focus on helping them to understand the importance of digital citizenship. 

At OWIS, students have a variety of opportunities to learn both within and outside the classroom.

Field trips and service projects encourage students to bring what they’re learning to the larger community.

Exhibitions and other special events at school allow students to showcase their talents and skills.

Co-curricular activities enable students to explore their talents further or learn something new without the pressure of formal assessments.

What does it feel like to be a part of the OWIS family?

OWIS places the children first. The “back to basics” feeling of prioritising what matters forms the educational and social wellbeing of all students and is a plus for me. I also like that technology plays enough of a part within my children's studies but does not dominate basic skills towards literacy with reading, writing and presentation. There is very much a balance.
OWIS Testimonial - Christina
Christina O.

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