Primary School at One World International School Suntec Campus in Singapore

Primary School students at OWIS Suntec campus in Singapore enjoy learning in an engaging, inquiry-led environment with teachers and administrators who care. Our emphasis on kindness in a diverse and multicultural setting creates a rewarding and low-stress environment for our students.

Each child at OWIS Suntec benefits from highly trained teachers focused on creating a welcoming environment. Classes at OWIS Suntec are designed to help students develop critical thinking skills and become lifelong learners. At One World International School, we help students develop their character and learn skills to become kind, productive members of the global community eventually.

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What to Expect in Primary School at OWIS Suntec Campus in Singapore

Well-Rounded and Rigorous Curriculum

OWIS Suntec is accredited for the IB PYP. At our international Primary School in Singapore, students develop critical thinking skills and learn to collaborate with others. OWIS Suntec provides a well-rounded school week with an exciting curriculum that includes English, Maths, Units of Inquiry, PE, Music, Art, and Mandarin. Our students enjoy outdoor time every day and benefit from age-appropriate digital learning.

Well-Rounded and Rigorous Curriculum
Friendly and Intimate School Environment

Friendly and Intimate School Environment

Each student at OWIS Suntec is welcomed into a school environment where kindness is valued and taught in each class and in daily interactions. Teachers at One World International School are dedicated to creating a nurturing and comfortable student environment. In addition, all spaces at OWIS Suntec are designed to encourage learning, promote curiosity among students and help students become lifelong learners. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that the students at OWIS Suntec love going to school every day.

Experienced and Caring Teachers

Our experienced, qualified teachers work closely with each student to personalise their learning. OWIS teachers ensure that our students have an equal opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a global environment. Teachers at OWIS Suntec are passionate about teaching and guiding children through their formative years.

Experienced and Caring Teachers
Kind and Truly Multicultural School

Kind and Truly Multicultural School

The environment at OWIS Suntec is multicultural, and our students learn to respect others, treat peers and teachers with kindness and appreciate the diversity of other cultures. This inclusive environment helps our students grow into productive, compassionate members of their communities.

Key Skills We Develop in Primary School

At One World International School in Suntec, primary education in Singapore is at the core of our curriculum, and our students are taught a variety of crucial skills that help them succeed in later school years and beyond.

Inquiry skills

OWIS Suntec students learn to ask questions and seek answers in their pursuit of real-world and relevant knowledge.


Students at OWIS Suntec learn to function in a diverse environment and work with peers on academic projects.

Taking agency

Students at OWIS Suntec are encouraged to research topics that interest them and are given other opportunities to control the direction of their education.


At OWIS Suntec, students learn to communicate in large groups. They make presentations in class and at assemblies.

Kind, Multicultural Environment


OWIS Suntec students are taught kindness through everyday interactions and are encouraged to work on service projects within their community.

International mindedness

OWIS Suntec has a diverse community, and students are encouraged to be internationally minded and accepting of those from other cultures.

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Are you looking for an international school in Central Singapore, where your child will be nurtured to achieve their potential? OWIS Suntec is a primary school in the Central Business District of Singapore, and we invite you to visit our campus. 

The OWIS Suntec campus will be closing at the end of the school year in June 2024.

Parents who are interested in the world-class education at OWIS can consider our Nanyang  or Punggol campuses for their child. Please contact our Admissions Team to find out more. 

How to Reach OWIS Suntec

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Phone- +65 6914 6700

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