English as an Additional Language (EAL) Programme and Curriculum

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Programme

The OWIS English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme is designed to provide students with the support they need to master the English language.

As international-mindedness is a key driver for OWIS and a large portion of its student body hails from expatriate families, there are often a number of EAL students enrolled at any given time. At OWIS, we believe that language learning and fluency requires support, both within the classroom and outside of it.

We welcome students who are new to English in Early Childhood and offer our EAL programme for students in Grades 1 to 6 in our international Primary School and up to Grade 8 for our Secondary School students. At OWIS, we work directly with students whose native language is something other than English through our EAL programme. We offer EAL support in all our school campuses, please contact us to find out if our EAL curriculum is a right fit for your child.

The OWIS approach to EAL

The EAL programme plays a pivotal role at our international school. At OWIS, we are proud of our multicultural environment, and we love the fact that we have students who hail from countries around the world. However, this diverse student body also requires us to rise to the challenges that come along with that.

Many of our students have been speaking a different language in their homes and in the educational setting since they were born. This requires us to develop an innovative EAL curriculum that works to actively improve the English skills of our students.

OWIS approach to EAL

Our EAL Curriculum includes:

Evaluation by an EAL Specialist

An evaluation of each individual student's current English language skills. The EAL specialist will determine where they are in terms of their fluency and understanding and will then create goals that are personalised for that individual student.

Focus on Contextualised Language Use

Intentional teaching methods that focus on contextualised language use. Students are provided with immersive and engaging lessons that allow them to use their English skills both orally and in writing. We emphasise our inquiry-based approach to our EAL programme.

Inquiry Led Framework Icon

Purposeful inquiry-based approach into English-based texts

Purposeful inquiry into English-based texts and lessons. This approach leads to a conceptual understanding of the English language.

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Multicultural Learning at OWIS

beauty of our school lies in our differences

We believe that the beauty of our school lies in our differences.

At OWIS, we encourage students to continue to learn about and explore their own culture as well as the culture of their peers.

We strive to provide a curriculum that encompasses a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds. We want our students to share their own traditions and values, as this allows classmates to better understand each other as well as the world around them. Multicultural learning at OWIS extends beyond the classroom. Our students often go out into the community and participate in events that allow them to meet their neighbours and learn more about the local culture. OWIS strives to create an invigorating learning environment that challenges all students to rise to the occasion and do their best while learning to become global citizens. Our EAL programme plays a critical role in allowing our students to be successful, and we are proud of the support that our EAL students receive.

What Parents Have To Say About Our EAL Programme

What does it feel like to be a part of the OWIS family? Hear genuine stories and feedback from our OWIS EAL programme parents.

Admission To The EAL Programme

Prospective EAL programme students at OWIS are welcomed into a supportive and inclusive environment where every learner, regardless of language background, is given the opportunity to thrive. Our admission process is designed to identify and meet the language learning needs of each student, ensuring they can successfully transition into our international community and become confident, global citizens.

Parents interested in enrolling their child in our EAL programme must also complete all other steps of the application process accurately and in a timely manner. Find out more about OWIS’ entry requirements or contact our team for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions About EAL Curriculum

The EAL programme at OWIS differs from campus to campus. Our EAL programmes are designed for primary school students from Grades 1 to 6 and Secondary School students up to Grade 8 who are new to English. Eligibility is determined based on an initial assessment of the student’s English language proficiency to ensure they receive the appropriate level of support.

Upon application to OWIS, each student’s English proficiency is assessed through a combination of interviews, written assessments, and previous school reports. This holistic evaluation allows our EAL specialists to determine the student’s specific language needs and tailor support and programme resources accordingly.
Yes, EAL classes at OWIS are carefully designed to complement the main curriculum. EAL students participate in the general education classroom for most of their day and receive additional English language support from EAL specialists in a way that enhances their learning experience without isolating them from their peers.

Students can join the EAL programme at any point during the academic year, provided they meet the eligibility criteria. Our flexible intake policy allows for ongoing assessments to accommodate the needs of newly enrolled students from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Progress in the EAL programme is measured through holistic and continuous assessment, which includes observations, project work, written assignments, and formal testing. This approach allows EAL specialists to monitor students’ language development closely and adjust instruction to meet evolving needs. Feedback is regularly provided to both students and parents to ensure transparent communication about the student’s language acquisition journey.

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