Leading Primary School in Singapore for Children Between 6 and 11 Years

Discover how the IB PYP at OWIS helps your child build their character, develop critical thinking skills and become an inquisitive, lifelong learner.

What to expect from our IB Primary Years Programme

Friendly and Intimate School Environment

Teachers, students and staff contribute to our school’s warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it easier for your child to adjust to their new environment. Our cosy, comfortable and well-thought-out indoor and outdoor learning spaces encourage students to explore their curiosity, develop a love of learning and feel excited about going to school every day.

Experienced and Caring IB-Trained Teachers

Our qualified IB teachers have experience catering to different types of learners in an international setting and continuously upgrade their teaching skills. We select teachers who are passionate about providing guidance, support and understanding during those formative years, so your child can flourish emotionally, socially and academically.

Holistic and Rigorous IB Curriculum

Underpinned by the English National Curriculum, students learn to be proactive early on. We prepare them for the challenges of the IGCSE and IB DP by encouraging them to think independently, ask questions about the world around them and explore topics of interest. ‍ We also prioritise character development by teaching timeless values and creating a safe environment for children to try new things, build self-esteem and develop a lifelong love of learning through a balanced mix of traditional and technology-driven education.

Kind and Truly Multicultural School

Through various cultural awareness initiatives, students learn to appreciate other cultures and respect different points of view. With kindness, diversity and inclusivity at the core of our school’s DNA, your child becomes part of a safe, healthy and truly international school community built on mutual trust and respect.
There is room to grow with us at One World International School

Learn more about our child-centred teaching methodology. Discover why our rigorous and holistic curriculum successfully prepares your child and see how we raise internationally-minded and confident lifelong learners.

Why consider the IB PYP for Primary School Education at OWIS?

Every Child is a Unique Individual

We value and treat every child as a unique individual. To achieve optimal personal and academic growth, we personalise your child's learning journey based on their specific needs, interests and progress.

Rich selection of extracurricular activities

Your child has plenty of engaging co-curricular activities to choose from. That way, they can explore their passions, learn new skills and boost their confidence in areas such as sports, arts, music and languages.

Low student-teacher ratio

In our small class sizes, your child benefits from greater personal care and attention. Being part of a small and nurturing classroom environment also helps students form more meaningful connections with their teachers and peers.

Optional Chinese-English Bilingual Programme for Grades 1-5

Aligned with the IB PYP, our bilingual programme provides students with an immersive experience in each language and culture. By expanding their proficiency in Mandarin and English, children gain an invaluable competitive edge for the future.

School-wide nationality cap

To ensure all 70+ nationalities are equally represented across our school body, we cap enrolment of students coming from a single nationality at 30%.

Reasonable tuition fees

As a not-for-profit educational institution, we reinvest back into our school to continuously improve our quality of teaching. That way, we can deliver the highest quality of education without excessively high fees.

What does being part of the One World family look like?
The school places the children first. The back to basics feeling of prioritising what matters, which forms the educational and social well being of all students attending OWIS, is a plus for me.
Christina O.
Worried About Your Child’s English skills?
Discover how we nurture your child’s confidence and independent thinking skills in a healthy, open and truly international school environment. Learn more about our approach to education and find out if OWIS is the right school for your family.

Visit our school and see how we can support your child’s all-round development

Get a feel of our friendly and warm school environment. Learn more about the IB PYP and our child-centred teaching methodology. Discover why our rigorous and holistic curriculum successfully prepares your child for secondary school and see how we raise internationally minded and confident lifelong learners.