Pastoral Care and Student Well-Being

At One World International School, we believe that a child learns best when they feel their environment is safe and secure and their well-being is looked after. Our approach to pastoral care is to nurture positivity in our student community by considering different perspectives and looking after the emotional welfare of our learners to ensure that they are fully supported.

At every stage of learning, from Early Childhood Education to Secondary School, our Pastoral Care Programme at OWIS is calibrated to our learners’ age-appropriate needs. With a Pastoral Care Programme that aligns with our school’s core values of kindness, compassion and respect for diversity, we ensure that our students feel included, valued and supported to reach their full potential.

At OWIS, we look out for the well-being of your child while they are at school.
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Different Aspects of Our Pastoral Care Programme

Forming Strong Connections

Forming Strong Connections

Our small class sizes enable our class teachers in Early Childhood and Primary and form tutors in Secondary to check in on individual students and provide them with the emotional support they may need at any point in time. Our assemblies in Early Childhood and Primary and tutor sessions in the morning in Secondary focus on student well-being and the IB Learner Profile. We also build open lines of communication with parents since an important part of student welfare is transparency.

Modelling Positive Behaviour

All members of staff pride themselves on being aligned with our school values. They treat pupils, and all members of the community, with respect, kindness and empathy. They help students develop a growth mindset and the resilience to face challenges. Guided by our school leaders for pastoral care, our teachers lend an empathetic ear to children and mentor them to find solutions to overcome challenges.

Restorative Practices

In both Primary and Secondary School, we strongly believe in the value of restorative practices for conflict resolution and restoring relationships. In any matter of conflict, we bring the stakeholders together and have them discuss what went wrong and the feelings involved. They are asked to reflect on the disagreement, consider how they might have gone about things differently and create a clear path forward.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

OWIS has an Anti-Bullying Policy to ensure that we provide a safe, secure and positive environment for all students and staff. Our school promotes respect for self and others and encourages mutual respect between all members of the school community.

Classroom Essential Agreements

At the beginning of each academic year, each class – comprising students and the class teacher in Early Childhood and Primary or the form tutor in Secondary - collaboratively agrees to a set of rights and responsibilities to be upheld in the classroom. These Essential Agreements use positive statements that are linked to the IB Learner Profile and act as a framework to make students accountable for upholding our core values.

Medical Care

We have an on-site clinic that is supported by specialist nurses who are trained and qualified to deal with minor ailments. Parents can rest assured that their children are well looked after, and they will be contacted in case of any further concern.

The Practice of Mindfulness

At OWIS, your child will be encouraged to be mindful of themselves and others. We introduce our learners to metacognition strategies to help them get to know themselves better and deal with issues in a mindful and compassionate way while staying true to their own beliefs.

The Practice of Mindfulness

Safeguarding Policy

We have a safeguarding policy in place to provide a safe environment for all our students to learn and develop in our school setting. Through the procedures outlined in the policy, we aim to support our students’ development by fostering a sense of security, confidence and independence.

Low Student-Teacher Ratio

Additional Needs

We recognise that students learn at different rates and that there are many factors affecting individual achievement. We are committed to working in partnership with parents and other professionals, where necessary, to provide the appropriate support and intervention in order for each individual student to fulfil their potential. We accept students with individual learning needs if we believe we can adequately provide support that can meet the personal needs of the student.

Pastoral Care

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