Admission Requirements

One World International School is an educational facility that welcomes students of all nationalities. Parents find that our school is the right fit for their child because they recognise our commitment to excellence, and they believe in the power of our positive learning environment.

If you are hoping to send your child to OWIS, then it’s important to be aware of our entry requirements. Our international school is open to students of all nationalities, and we strive to admit students from a wide variety of backgrounds in order to complement our multicultural experience. Our administrators work to balance each class with students of different nationalities and genders who speak a variety of languages.

You may fill out an application to enrol your child at any point during our school year.

However, the final decision regarding admittance will rest with the Head of School. A variety of factors are considered, including:

The availability in the particular grade level for which your child is applying.

Your child's prospective contribution to our multicultural environment.

Your child's ability to have a positive attitude toward the learning process.

OWIS Admission Requirements

We have a multi-faceted application process that considers a variety of factors before determining whether or not your child will be admitted to OWIS. Of course, as with any school, we have basic requirements that must be met before an application be considered.

The OWIS admission requirements vary based on the age of the student and the grade level for which they will be enrolled. Our requirements include:

Early Childhood

Children in Early Childhood 1 must be at least three years old and able to use the bathroom independently.

Children in Early Childhood 2 must be four years old by September 1.

Children in Early Childhood 3 must be five years old by September 1.

Primary School

Children who are applying for a place in grade levels 1 to 5 (Primary School) must be able to demonstrate age-appropriate learning skills.

Secondary School

Children who are applying for a place in grade levels 6 to 12 (Secondary School) must be able to demonstrate age-appropriate learning and language skills. At OWIS, it is important that our students are able to succeed in the classroom environment. Success is largely impacted by a student's ability to communicate and participate in classroom discussions. This is why language skills are a high priority for our administrators during the application process. We do accept students who speak English as a second language, but those students must be proficient enough in English to speak, read and write according to the classroom curriculum. Our students who speak English as a second language should ideally have additional support at home to hone their English skills.

Contact us to find out more about the specific requirement criteria of our IBDP Programme for grade levels 11 to 12

School Entry

Parents who are interested in enrolling their child in our school are often passionate about our mission at OWIS. To ensure that our student body reflects our ideals, we have created an admissions process that considers a variety of factors.

Complete application form online and upload all necessary documents, which includes past school reports and reference materials from previous teachers or carers.

Pay the one time non-refundable application fee.

We often have a discussion with new parents as well as an informal interview with the student. Assessment tests are conducted for certain grades.

To confirm the admission, a place of offer is shared with the parent that they have to accept. This confirms that we're able to offer a seat to the child.

The login details for the parent portal is shared and parents are required to generate e-contract.

Optional - Submit the registration form for school bus only if you're availing school transport.

Make payment of tuition fees. The primary mode of payments are cheque or credit card.

Two sets of uniforms are included in the school fee which parents are required to collect from our uniform supplier.

On the first day of school - you are requested to collect parent tags.

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