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If you are looking for an engaging learning experience in an intimate and nurturing environment, the OWIS Suntec campus is the perfect choice.
Located at Suntec in Central Singapore, this campus welcomes students in Early Childhood through Grade 5.

Discover what makes OWIS Suntec the right learning environment for your child​​

Our Learning Pathway at OWIS Suntec

Ages 3-6

Early Childhood

Find out more about how our play-based and inquiry-led approach to learning nurtures curiosity in your child from a young age. 

Ages 7-11

Primary School

Discover how our well-rounded curriculum helps to create a strong academic foundation in young learners as well as a lifelong love of learning. 

Prioritising Your Child's Well-being at Our International School in Singapore

Play-based and inquiry-led learning

One World International School Suntec Campus in the Downtown Core Singapore is a Candidate School for the IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP). We offer an inquiry-based approach for Early Childhood 1-3 and Primary Grades 1 to 5. Through our unique educational framework, your child becomes an integral part of our multicultural community. They learn how to collaborate with others, take ownership of their learning journey and contribute to society in a meaningful way. Children also build their social skills and adopt the kind of values you’d want your child to have.

Our programme follows a play-based and inquiry-led approach to learning. Through activities suitable for their development stage, your child embarks on an exciting journey of self-discovery and sensory exploration of the world around them.

Experienced and caring teachers

Our highly qualified teachers have experience catering to different types of learners in an international setting and continuously upgrade their teaching skills. We select teachers who are passionate about providing guidance, support and understanding during those formative years, so your child can flourish emotionally, socially and academically.

Be part of the OWIS family

Our mission is to offer world-class education to children of any cultural, ethnic, religious or economic background. We believe that every child should have access to the resources and guidance they need to flourish as a confident and culturally aware individual.

When you choose OWIS, you choose a caring and committed learning partner for your child. As an educational institution serving over 1200 families in Singapore, this is the kind of leader we aspire to be.

English as an Additional Language Programme

With our English as an Additional Language (EAL) Programme, non-native speakers are provided with the personalised support they need to enhance their English speaking, reading and writing skills. Our teaching approach focuses on contextualised use of the English language. Our experienced educators provide immersive and engaging lessons to help students in their language acquisition and make them fluent both orally and in writing.

Discover how your child will thrive at OWIS Suntec

Learn more about how our focus on student-centric learning and a well-rounded curriculum is ideal for young learners. 

A Personalised Learning Experience

Our teachers and administrators appreciate the fact that every child is an individual with their own strengths and weaknesses. We personalise their learning journey so that they become confident, successful learners who are ready for the next step in their education.

Low Student-Teacher Ratio

Low Student-Teacher Ratio

On our campus in the Downtown Core Singapore, we believe that children benefit most from an intimate learning environment. Therefore, we offer small class sizes and a low student-teacher ratio, ensuring that your child receives the personalised care and attention they need and deserve.

Kind, Multicultural Environment

The culture at OWIS Suntec is anchored by kindness, and we emphasise the need for children to become caring and empathetic individuals. Our multicultural environment naturally breeds kindness and encourages students to appreciate the beauty of diversity.

Future-Ready Education

We have developed an innovative curriculum that incorporates hands-on teaching strategies into every lesson, ensuring that your child develops the 21st-century skills they will need to succeed in the global economy.

School-Wide Nationality Cap

At OWIS Suntec, your child will interact with peers of many nationalities and backgrounds. We have implemented a school-wide nationality cap of 30 percent to make sure that all nationalities are represented in our school.

Premium Education for a Moderate Fee

We are proud to offer a moderate fee structure for families. As a non-profit educational institution, we constantly reinvest in the school to improve the learning experience for students without driving up the cost of education.

360° Virtual Tour for Suntec Campus

Suntec Campus FAQs

The OWIS Suntec campus is located within Suntec Convention Centre at 1 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039593. Our location is truly unique among international schools in Singapore. The nearest MRT stations are Promenade on the Downtown Line (Blue Line) and Esplanade on the Circle Line (Yellow Line) From these stations, the campus can be reached on foot. Suntec Convention Centre is a prominent landmark in the Central Business District or Downtown Core of Singapore. It is easily accessible by private car or taxi. Suntec Convention Centre is adjacent to Suntec City Mall.

Our admissions process is simple and straightforward. Please take a look at the Application Process. At any point, please reach out to our Admissions Team to start the conversation and discuss the next steps for your child’s enrollment.
Please visit our School Fees page to learn more about the fee structure at OWIS Nanyang.
Please check our Events and Webinars page for the latest information on our next Open House, which is hosted by our school leaders. At any time, you can also contact our Admissions office for a personalised school tour. 

Yes, OWIS Suntec is a warm and intimate learning environment where the school community celebrates different festivals and occasions together. Further, children also have the opportunity to hone and showcase their skills through assemblies. The unique location of OWIS Suntec allows students to go on engaging educational outings for a well-rounded education and participate in charity drives  to benefit the local community. 

Students who complete Grade 5 from OWIS Suntec are eligible to transfer to our Secondary School at OWIS Nanyang or OWIS Digital Campus* in Punggol.  

How to Reach OWIS Suntec

1 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039593

Phone- +65 6914 6700

Email – admissions@owis.org