21st June 2024
2:00pm SGT

OWIS Digital Campus Virtual Open House (Japanese)





OWISでは、優しさと多様性を尊重するポジティブな環境を作り出しています。 当校のアドミッションチームとお会いになり、我々のアプローチがお子様の成功にどのように役立つかをご確認ください。



Angela Henderson
Angela Henderson

Principal of Lower School

One World International School Digital Campus (Punggol) campus will provide a state-of-the-art learning environment with modern facilities that will enhance your child’s educational experience. The campus will welcome learners in Early Childhood, Primary School and Secondary School.

Our new international school campus in Punggol will have technology-enabled classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and engaging spaces for sports and skill development to support your child’s learning goals. The design of the classrooms has been carefully thought out to promote a collaborative and interactive learning experience. Our curriculum will be designed to provide a well-rounded education that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Further, at the heart of our learning ethos at OWIS is the idea of kindness, community, and a sense of belonging. Our goal is to create a school environment that is inclusive, nurturing, and supportive. We aim to provide a place where your child feels comfortable being their authentic self.

We look forward to welcoming you at our Open House for OWIS Digital Campus (Punggol) and are excited to share the positive impact our learning experience will have on your child.

Here are some of the things you will discover in this event:

Vision for the school

Get a better understanding of the education-related values and outcomes that will be nurtured in the coming years at OWIS Digital Campus.

Our engaging facilities

Learn more about the different skill studios, sports facilities and tech-enabled classrooms that will help your child to blossom and enjoy an engaging school day.

The OWIS community

Learn about our core values of kindness and respect for diversity, which are fostered at our established campuses OWIS Nanyang and OWIS Suntec. By nurturing these values, we help children to feel a sense of belonging in our multicultural community comprising teachers, students and parents.


By attending this event, you will have a better understanding of why so many international families consider OWIS as their preferred choice for an international school

You don’t want to miss this Open House if...

You welcome the opportunity to learn more about our multicultural, kindness-led education approach.

You want to learn about benefits of being a Founding Family at this upcoming campus

You are eager to learn more about this upcoming campus in Punggol and want to get a clear picture of how your child will benefit from enrolling at OWIS.

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