Friday, 28 June 2024
10.00 am SGT

OWIS Nanyang Admissions Webinar in Chinese

快来参加我们的独家中文网络研讨会,了解 OWIS 南洋校区的独家课程吧!


  • 了解获得全球认可的课程体系——IBPYP、剑桥 IGCSE 和 IBDP。
  • 了解英语作为辅助语言如何帮助刚接触英语的学生学习课程。
  • 了解中英双语课程,以及它如何帮助孩子提高中英语言水平。

Date: 2024 年 6 月 28 日

Time: 上午 10 点(新加坡标准时间)

在 OWIS 南洋校区,我们注重培养孩子的同情心和聪明头脑。快来加入我们吧,体验温暖


Wendy Yeo
Wendy Yeo

Senior Admissions Executive

Here are some of the things you will discover in this event:

Mr. Renie’s vision for the school

Get a better understanding of the education-related values and outcomes that our Head of School is continuing to develop and nurture in the coming years at OWIS

Our engaging facilities

Take a look at our technology-enabled classrooms to see how each space is utilised to help your child to blossom and enjoy an engaging school day.

The OWIS community

Learn about our core values of kindness and respect for diversity, which help children to feel a sense of belonging in our multicultural community.

Why OWIS Suntec

By attending this event, you will have a better understanding of why so many international families consider the central location as just one of the best features of OWIS Suntec.

You don’t want to miss this Open House if...

You welcome the opportunity to learn more about our multicultural, kindness-led international school, right from our Head of School

You want to learn about the vision and mission of the academic leadership team and their priorities when it comes to international school education.

You are eager to take a look around our Suntec campus to get a clear picture of how your child will benefit from enrolling at OWIS.

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