Overall Responsibilities

  • Providing medical support for the school students and staff.
  • Maintaining and replenishing medical supplies such as first aid kits etc as per the standard requirements.
  • Ensuring that all medical equipment in the school sick bay are working well.
  • Conducting examination of unwell students/ staffs who require immediate medical attention
  • Administer care as per appropriate standards.
  • Inform parents and school administrators about the student’s condition.
  • Arrange for transfer of the student / staff to the Emergency Ward of the nearest hospital as per standard process and arrange for the parents of such students to meet at the hospital.
  • Maintain record of each medical case attended to.
  • Identify cases of students falling ill frequently during school hours, or those with infectious diseases and present findings to the school administration.


Registered Nurse with Singapore Nursing Board

  • Minimum of 4 years’ experience working as registered nurse – Pediatric/Child Health experience preferred.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
Job Categories: Non-Academic
Job Type: Full Time
Job Locations: OWIS Digital Campus* (Punggol)
Start Dates: 1 Aug 2023