Social Media Executive

The Social Media Executive is responsible for managing the school’s online presence through social media channels. 

Location: OWIS Digital Campus* (Punggol)

Job description

  • To manage and grow the school’s social media channels to increase brand awareness
  • To understand the target audience (i.e. prospective parents) to develop engaging and relevant social media content
  • To work closely with other teams, school leaders, teachers and parents to create content (e.g. success stories, parent testimonials etc) that promotes the school to prospective parents
  • To photograph school events
  • To track and monitor user engagement and feedback for each social media post (e.g. likes, comments, reactions etc)
  • To analyse the user engagement data to determine the effectiveness of the social media channels and types of content and make improvements based on the results
  • To interact with followers and other audiences and reply to queries and comments on the social media posts in a professional manner
  • To work closely with external vendors and agencies
  • To assist the wider marketing team in the development of online campaigns such as e-mailers, affiliate entitlements, social media announcements and e-marketing campaigns
  • To stay abreast of social media trends and competitors’ social media activities

Job requirements

  • Minimum of two (2) years working at an ad agency or social media platform or in the social media role of an organisation
  • Hands-on experience with Canva/Photoshop
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; effectively communicate with internal stakeholders at all levels of the organisation, vendors and team members
  • Strong command of the English (UK) language – spelling and grammar conventions
  • Knowledge of basic photo and video editing tools
  • Knowledge of photography
  • Organised, punctual, detail-oriented, self-motivated, originality and ability to think out-of-the-box
Job Categories: Non-Academic
Job Type: Full Time
Job Locations: OWIS Digital Campus* (Punggol)
Start Dates: Immediate