Teacher Librarian


  • The librarian will create a welcoming, positive, nurturing environment in the school library.
  • The librarian of the school shall work enthusiastically to inspire a love of reading in all students through development of various reading programmes and facilitate independent learning through research, academic writing and by fostering and instilling academic honesty.
  • The role of the librarian is thus extended to a teacher librarian who collaborates with other teachers in order to utilise the library resources efficiently to support teaching and learning.
  • The teacher librarian is a part of the academic team and is responsible for co-teaching TOK to the DP students, guide students on EE and/or PYP exhibition.
  • The school is committed to the attributes and attitudes of the IB Learner Profile and the Teacher Librarian should promote the Learner Profile and the school’s values.


  • To support the school staff and students in the use of all types of library resources by conducting information sessions for them. This will include all e-resources as well as emerging technology tools to promote transliteracy.
  • Familiarise Secondary students with using NLB resources, particularly the databases and scholarly articles to support them in academic research
  • To organise the resources in the library using appropriate processes and cataloguing systems
  • Assist the department heads to identify resources that can be ordered to facilitate the school curriculum
  • Take ownership for generating purchase requirements in line with the budget by coordinating with the teachers, HoD and SLT members
  • To assist with displays, author visits, and reading competitions
  • To develop library programmes with the aim of inspiring the love for reading in students
  • Support native language development in students through a variety of initiatives
  • Attend IB collaborative planning meeting to help teachers identify the resources which can be used for delivery of the programme.
  • Foster academic honesty skills in pupils by designing workshop on referencing and promoting the importance of being principled in academic writing context
  • Support the students in their EE and/or PYP exhibition by helping them to research appropriate resources, collection of data, note taking and and academic writing styles
  • Staying abreast with the latest developments in the IB curriculum
  • Establish links with the IB community both locally and regionally
  • Leverage the resources of the community, such as NLB
  • Organising book and academic writing clubs
  • Co-teach TOK to the Diploma Programme students by liaising with the TOK Coordinator
Job Categories: Academic
Job Type: Full Time
Job Locations: OWIS Digital Campus* (Punggol)
Start Dates: 1 Jan 2024