Digital Learning and Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

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The importance of technology is evident in almost every industry, and that is why we give importance to age-appropriate digital learning at One World International School in Singapore. 

Aspects of Our Digital Learning Programme at OWIS

ICT in the Curriculum

One of our goals at OWIS is to help children prepare for and succeed in their future careers and life. We teach Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a subject to help us achieve this goal.

Starting from Early Childhood 3, children learn ICT as a weekly time-tabled lesson. We provide digital literacy training in a safe, supervised environment. Young learners discover how to properly use devices, functions and apps, research information online, evaluate content and collaborate with peers for projects or group work.

In Secondary School, our students in Grades 6 to 8 have Computing as one of their subjects, and based on their interests and future goals, they select Computer Science as an optional subject in their IGCSE and IB DP courses.

Learning Through Technology Devices

One World International School offers multiple ways for children to learn while using technology devices. We provide a shared bank of iPads for our learners in Primary School, and Secondary students are allocated their own devices. Access to technology devices supplements classroom instruction. Children may research topics related to the topics being explored in the classroom and utilise digital apps to create presentations or complete allocated tasks. 

While learning through technology is engaging for our students, we are also mindful of balancing it with traditional instruction and academic skills. This balance of traditional instruction and technology tools ensures children gain the skills they need to navigate the digital 21st century. Our teachers supervise children and ensure they access and create age-appropriate content. We also teach children how to evaluate sources and identify facts.

Students in IBDP at OWIS Nanyang using technology devices | Leading International School for IB Diploma Programme in Singapore

Digital Citizenship

Alongside digital learning, all children at OWIS learn digital citizenship. We impart relevant knowledge to students so that they can be responsible online citizens who use, interact with and share technology appropriately in and out of the classroom. Children also develop skills that help them avoid cyberbullying and interact in respectful, kind and compassionate ways with others while gaming and on social media. And with the rise of tools like spelling and grammar checkers plus ChatGPT, a solid foundation in digital citizenship ensures children can mindfully use these tools and maintain academic integrity.


We work with our students to provide them with opportunities to experience different forms of art as a medium of self-expression. From fine art skill development to performance and visual arts, our students learn to apply their artistic talents in a variety of ways.
OWIS Secondary students creating art

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning is about extending the learning experience beyond the classroom walls. Our students take part in field trips, residential visits and CAS activities in addition to learning in outdoor spaces as a part of their school curriculum.

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Benefits of Integrating Technology in Learning

In the classroom, digital learning supports children in multiple ways.

Benefits of the Early Years Component of the IB Primary Years Programme for Preschoolers

Personalises education

Increases student engagement

Promotes collaboration

Enhances creativity

Develops responsibility

Hones digital citizenship

Holistic development of children is an important aspect of our approach to education.

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