Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning is an integral part of our curriculum programme at OWIS.

Outdoor learning is about more than getting students outside for a mental and physical break during the day. It is about extending the learning experience beyond the classroom walls and allowing students to experience their lessons in the real world. 

What is Outdoor Learning?

Outdoor learning is a way of pushing the boundaries of the classroom into the natural world. It gives students an opportunity to explore and be active while processing the lesson at hand. It is incorporated into many of the classes at OWIS, with teachers having the chance to take the lead.

Nature classrooms

For our Early Childhood learners and younger Primary students, the many outdoor spaces on our campus provide opportunities for nature exploration.

For example, a Primary science teacher may encourage children to go out into one of the nature gardens to collect leaves, observe natural materials and record changes that are taking place in the environment. One of the ways that we facilitate outdoor learning for our Primary school students at OWIS is through our natural classrooms. These include:


Miniature Forest

This is considered to be a “living library” where children can discover the natural flora and fauna of the rainforest.


Berms and Sandpit

This is a natural playground defined by sand hills and grassy areas. Students are encouraged to run, play, jump and slide here.

Day-trips and Residential trips

Primary and Secondary school students get many opportunities to travel in and around Singapore to visit museums, parks, national monuments, famous streets and more, on school-sponsored day-trips to enhance their daily lessons and instructions. Our residential programme starts from Grade 3 and our primary and secondary students get the opportunity to participate in residential trips outside Singapore. 

Service projects

OWIS strongly supports a service-mindset, where students have opportunities to contribute their time and efforts towards charitable causes, the school and the community.

CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) comprises an important component of our IB Diploma programme where Service is a crucial element of this programme. Students participate in meaningful activities and service trips and have opportunities to connect with others in the community, in Singapore or internationally.

Self-initiated action gives students a sense of purpose and fulfilment and develops leadership skills, helping them to become well-rounded, balanced and compassionate individuals. 


Outdoor learning allows children to experience how their lessons apply outside of the classroom walls. With the guidance of their teacher, they can explore the world around them and better understand the topic that is currently being covered in the course.


Outdoor learning allows children to enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of staying active while learning. Many children find it stressful to stay in a traditional classroom all day while they read, write and listen to their teacher. Outdoor learning provides them with natural stress relief.


Outdoor learning allows children to make real-life connections with the world around them. It allows them to feel more involved within their school and their community at large.


Outdoor learning is simply fun. When education is enjoyable, children are more likely to become lifelong learners.

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