A festive Christmas Popcorn Pyjama party for OWIS Suntec’s Grade 1 learners

If you get to choose your favourite kind of party, what kind would it be?

Well, our Grade 1 learners at OWIS Suntec exercised their agency and selected a ‘popcorn and pyjama’ party for their Christmas celebration. They threw themselves into the organising and crafted invitations to each other. They brainstormed a shopping list for snacks and carefully planned a budget. They went down to Giant Supermarket to shop and they had so much fun going in small groups to look for their assigned items. They reviewed their learning of addition and subtraction by adding together the prices and taking into consideration how much money would be left after. On Friday, they were each given tickets for the cinema show in their classroom and went to look for their seats. They enjoyed the snacks that they chose in Giant, and loved the experience of their party!

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