An early start to planning for universities for our IBDP students

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is renowned for its rigorous academic curriculum and its commitment to holistic education. The IBDP equips students with a broad and deep knowledge base, critical thinking skills, and an international perspective that sets them apart in the highly competitive world of higher education. This comprehensive preparation not only opens doors to a diverse range of universities and programmes, but also ensures that students are well-equipped to excel in their chosen fields of study. 

Our IBDP students at OWIS Nanyang recently had the opportunity to meet with representatives from seven prestigious Liberal Arts and Science Colleges from the USA.

This event was an excellent platform for our students to gain insights into the vast array of academic opportunities available to them. They received valuable information about studying in the United States, which opens up a world of possibilities for their future. 

Other universities will be invited to visit us in the coming months, so that students have a complete understanding of the options available to them after they complete Secondary School at OWIS Nanyang. Furthermore, our University Counsellor will also be working closely with students to support them through the application process.  

In the past few years, graduates from OWIS Nanyang have received offers from their universities of choice in the USA, UK, Australia, Europe and Asia and are pursuing their higher studies there. 

Our overarching aim is to ensure that our students transition to the next phase of their lives with confidence. We firmly believe in supporting all paths our students might choose, be it a university placement, enrolment in a liberal arts college, internships, or gap years.