An Impressive Theory of Knowledge Exhibition by Grade 12 IBDP Students

The Theory of Knowledge Exhibition organised by the Grade 12 IBDP students was a wonderful showcase of their ability to explore how this vast subject takes form and shape in the world around us. The students worked together in groups on the following themes: Cultural and Social Perspectives, Shifting Paradigms, The Age of Enlightenment and the Information Age. Then, each student curated three objects of significance and correlated those to the theme and their chosen IA prompt. 

Parents and staff members who attended the exhibition were fascinated by the subject, the themes and how the students explained their chosen topic and objects. 

We spoke to Mr Mark Angilo Alceso (known as Mr A by the students), our ToK Coordinator and IBDP Librarian, to gain more insights about the hard work that went into the exhibition this year:

What is the significance of the ToK exhibition?

The ToK (Theory of Knowledge) exhibition holds great significance as it provides students with a platform to showcase their exploration of knowledge, critical thinking, and ways of knowing. It encourages them to apply theoretical concepts to real-world contexts, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject and its relevance in their lives.

What went into the planning of the ToK exhibition this year? 

The planning for this year’s ToK exhibition involved selecting relevant themes, conducting in-depth research, developing presentations, and coordinating logistical details. We aimed to improve on the previous year’s exhibition by enhancing the organisation, diversifying the range of objects the students used, supporting students in honing their presentation skills and providing the opportunity for the OWIS community to witness one the our DP students’ milestones.

What was the process the students followed in the lead-up to their presentation?

In preparation for their exhibition, students engaged in extensive research, discussions, and critical thinking exercises. They received guidance from teachers and peers to refine their ideas and arguments. This process encouraged them to think deeply about knowledge and its implications.They went through a series of workshops both in writing and presentation. Standards were set and expectations were clearly established to meet the requirements of IB and OWIS.

What are your views on the final exhibition and the effort put in by the students? 

The students demonstrated a remarkable grasp of ToK concepts and effectively applied them to real-life situations. Their dedication to this intellectual exploration and the evident growth in their critical thinking and presentation skills were truly impressive. It was a testament to their hard work and commitment to learning. Next year, we aim to continue what we have started this year and we even plan to invite other schools in Singapore to witness how we conduct the ToK exhibition in our school.

Congratulations to our IBDP Grade 12 students for an insightful exhibition and to the faculty who supported them through this learning journey.