Book Week 2023

If it’s a day when our school campus looks like Hogwarts with students and staff roaming around in flowing black cloaks, your guess that it is Book Day would be right on the money. 

Besides the perennial favourite Harry Potter costume, students also used their ingenuity and creativity to dress up as Peter Pan, the Queen of Hearts, Jotaro Kujo and other beloved book characters. 

Character Dress-up Day is just the grand finale to a wonderful week of celebrating the joy that books and the hobby of reading bring into our lives. 

Our annual celebration of Book Week this time was based on the theme – ‘Read, Grow, Inspire’. Through curated selections, engaging activities, and the excitement of exercising their agency and choice at book fairs, students were introduced to a diverse range of literary works. 

Throughout the week, we had a range of enriching activities in Early Childhood and Primary School at OWIS Nanyang, including

  • Author visits from Ms. Rachelyn Gordon and Ms. Melanie Lee
  • Mystery reader visits by parents, family members and Secondary students
  • Library activities and a Book Fair
  • Chain writing for our Early Childhood students and book reviews for the Primary students
  • Build-a-character competition
  • Pyjama day and Drop Everything and Read (DEAR!)

The week was no less exciting in Secondary School, where our students engaged in the following activities in their English lessons as well during Tutor Time:

  • Book Week Logo Competition 
  • Book reviews and story-writing
  • Video montage of students sharing their favourite books
  • Character charades
  • Author alphabet challenge 
  • Special Book Week Assembly with acclaimed writer and poet, Dr Kirpal Singh

Through Book Week, we cultivate a love for literature in our students that helps them to improve their reading habits – not just to do better in their academic learning, but also to gain valuable knowledge about the world. Book Week highlights our commitment to ensuring that every child will have opportunities and memorable experiences that enrich their learning. 

Thank you to Ms Mathia, Literacy Coordinator at OWIS Nanyang, the Book Week committee, the library team for organising the activities this week and to all our lovely teachers and students for engaging so enthusiastically. What a success!