Celebrating our IB DP Batch of 2023: Yeounwoo L. (Ruby)

In this new series, we celebrate the graduands who will be completing our IB Diploma Programme in 2023. As they prepare for the next stage of their lives, they shared the highlights of their experience here at One World International School Nanyang Campus.


Yeounwoo L. (Ruby)

In which year and grade level did you start at OWIS Nanyang? 

Grade 8

What has been the highlight of your student life at OWIS?

As a school representative at an event, I had the opportunity to meet Michelle Obama in person. Michelle Obama had always been someone I deeply admired, and to see her speak with so much passion on some challenging topics solidified my respect, admiration, and fondness for her. Her genuine advice and encouragement became a huge motivation and inspiration for me to continue working hard for my goals.


What do you think will be your fondest memory of the school?

Organising and participating in CAS activities, such as the International Day dance and volunteering at the nursing home, have created meaningful memories with my friends and the community. While these activities have allowed me to form strong bonds with my friends, it also helped me to develop skills in leadership and communication.

Do you have a favourite teacher at OWIS for whom you would like to share a few words of appreciation? 

I would like to express my gratitude to all the teachers who have taught me throughout my 4 years at OWIS.

Ms Roy has always given us encouragement and support to ensure that we succeed in our IB DP journey. The guidance and motivation she provided us made me feel more prepared and gave me the assurance that I was in good hands with someone who truly cares for me. 

Mr Govender was my tutor in Grade 9 and 10, and has continued to provide me with academic support and guidance throughout the IB DP. He would check in with me regularly to ask about how I was feeling and offered genuine advice for any concerns I had.

Ms Pal (former Head of Science) was my tutor in Grade 8 when I first joined OWIS. She helped me adjust to a new learning environment with her care and support. She was my teacher for biology and her deep passion for teaching and effort to understand her students on a personal level allowed me to develop a deep interest in the subject. 

Mr Lim, my former biology teacher and EE supervisor, gave me guidance and support succeed in the IB DP, especially during challenging times. As my EE supervisor, he provided me with valuable feedback and support by coming to school to supervise my experiments even during the summer holidays. 

As you enter the next phase of your life, what would you take forward from your time here at OWIS?

As I have progressed through the IGCSEs and IB DP at OWIS, achieving personal academic milestones in these challenging courses have become a huge motivation for me to continue to work hard and realise the importance of self-discipline and perseverance. I have developed valuable life skills such as time management, teamwork, and resilience. 

What excites you about life after OWIS? 

Although my university destination is not set yet, I am excited to experience a new chapter in my life by studying for my passion in the medical field. I also plan to travel around Europe with my friends after graduating.


Ruby, our heartiest congratulations on everything you have achieved so far and our best wishes for the future!

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