Celebrating our IBDP Batch of 2024: Cathy W.

It’s that time of the year again, when we asked a few of our graduating cohort of IBDP students to reflect on their years at OWIS Nanyang and share the highlights of their experience. 
Starting off with Cathy W., who has been at OWIS Nanyang since 2019. 
What has been the highlight of your student life at OWIS Nanyang?
The graduation at Fort Canning Hotel planned by a group of students including me for the Class of 2023. I got to work with my friends and get a real feel for team-based projects and leadership as well as having a degree of independence for important things. I also know one of the seniors, and it was rewarding being able to plan something important for a close friend. It was extremely heartening to see everything come together and parents, students, and teachers alike all get emotional.
What do you think will be your fondest memory of the school?
Events such as International Day, the Christmas celebration, and Chinese New Year festivities. Also the little moments, like days upon days in the study hall doing work or chatting away, and hanging out in the library helping kids and talking with the librarians.

Do you have a favourite teacher at OWIS for whom you would like to share a few words of appreciation? 

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation for Ms Weisha Chen, my art teacher. She has helped immeasurably in every step of the IB art process and my only wish is that she was my art teacher earlier. She knows how to not only encourage original ideas, but also helps us grow and develop our ideas. I am a better artist and feel better equipped thanks to her, and definitely wouldn’t have gotten through the IB Visual Arts programme without her and her guidance.
Another educator I would like to mention is our DP Coordinator, Ms Roy. She really is a mother to us all and keeps us going and on the right track, so massive thanks to her as well.
As you enter the next phase of your life, what would you take forward from your time here at OWIS? 
I think by far the most important thing I will take forward is simply the friends I made at OWIS. They are my rock and my everything; they’ve gotten me through thick and thin and I’ve learned alongside them and also learned from them. Additionally, it helps that OWIS is a comparatively kinder and more relaxed environment compared to other international schools. 
What are your plans after OWIS? 
I’m planning to pursue visual arts in the future, more specifically, 2D animation. I will apply to UK and Australian universities, and have already applied to LASALLE here in Singapore. I am most excited to be able to sleep enough and sleep in, and have time for myself, whether to further develop hobbies, consume media I really wanted to but couldn’t because I didn’t have the time, and spend time with friends and family.
Congratulations on everything you have achieved so far, Cathy. We wish you success in your examinations as well as in your future studies and career!