Celebrating our IBDP Batch of 2024: Saphia A.

It’s that time of the year again, when we ask our graduating cohort of IBDP students to reflect on their years at OWIS Nanyang and share the highlights of their experience. 

This week, we feature Saphia A. who has been at OWIS Nanyang since Grade 7.

What do you think will be your fondest memory of the school?
Spending time with my friends.
Do you have a favourite teacher at OWIS for whom you would like to share a few words of appreciation? 
My favourite teachers are Mr Toussaint and Chang Lao Shi. These teachers not only dedicate their time to teaching students to become the utmost best in the subject, but also allow a safe space for students and have intriguing lessons.
As you enter the next phase of your life, what would you take forward from your time here at OWIS? 
The importance of independence. Our school has taught students that relying on yourself and being independent is the best way to succeed.
What are your plans after OWIS? 
Plan for the future is to continue to study.
Congratulations on everything you have achieved so far, Saphia. We wish you success in your examinations as well as in your future studies and career!