Chat with the Captain of Under-19 Football Team at OWIS Nanyang on ACSIS performance

We had a quick chat with our Grade 10 student Juan Martin C., who is the Captain of the Under-19 Football Team at OWIS Nanyang and also plays in the Under-16 category. 

What has been the highlight of the ACSIS sports season / competitions for you?

For me the highlight of this season was our match against AIS, where we were down 2-0, and we managed to draw the game in the last 5 minutes of the match. This game was important because we were facing the strongest opponent of the league.

This match taught our team that resilience is one of the most crucial things in football. I remember my teammates celebrating after we scored the last-minute goal; that’s a moment I’ll never forget.

Has being a part of this team and the competitions improved your overall learning experience at OWIS?

Yes. I’ve been a part of this team since last year, competing for three different categories (U14, U16 and U19). Being a part of this team has taught me a lot of things, such as how important teamwork is and to never give up. Last year, we were able to win the ACSIS U14 Championship in the last match. I would definitely say that my time with this team in these last two years has been one of the best memories I have with this school. Lastly, I would recommend to everyone to try out next year for the team, as it’s a unique experience that you won’t forget.

How has the training and preparation experience been?

Although we only trained once a week, the training sessions were very tough and strict, and taught us discipline. These characteristics made us fight for the first stop of the competition, but unfortunately we only managed to secure the second place.

I’m still very proud of this team and everything we’ve achieved in the last two years. I would give special thanks to our coach, Mr Raman, for all he has done for us.

As Juan Martin mentioned, participating in sports teams enriches school life by fostering teamwork, discipline, and camaraderie among students. Through sports, students learn the value of cooperation, communication, and leadership, which are skills essential both on and off the field.

We are proud of our students who are giving it their all on the field. We wish our ACSIS teams continued success!