Chinese New Year Celebrations 2024

The Chinese New Year celebration at our three OWIS campuses in Singapore was a vibrant and joyous gathering, filled with cultural richness and spirited festivities. 

At OWIS Digital Campus*, the school atmosphere buzzed with the rhythmic beats of the traditional lion dance, as students and staff welcomed the Year of the Dragon with enthusiasm. Throughout the event, students showcased their talents and dedication through captivating performances, ranging from traditional dances to beautiful musical performances. Parents were warmly welcomed to witness their children’s performances, adding an extra layer of pride and support to the festivities. 

At OWIS Nanyang, the whole school was adorned in vibrant red, thanks to the hard work of the OWIS Parent Committee and the organising committee, led by Ms Chang Liu, Head of the Mandarin Department. The faculty and staff congregated for a traditional Lo Hei at the start of the day. The festivities continued with a mesmerising Lion Dance at this campus as well, captivating everyone with its vibrant colours and rhythmic movements.

Over at OWIS Suntec, parents lauded the performances of our students in the CNY assembly. Later, our young learners welcomed the Year of the Dragon by peeling oranges and attempting to make the longest dragon tail. The God of Fortune visited our classrooms and gifted everyone red packets or ang bao

Our students enjoyed exploring the different booths and participating in the many activities. They made our own red packets, played some traditional games, and did some Chinese calligraphy.

A craft activity wrapped up the Chinese New Year Celebrations and the fun-filled day. 

The celebration for Chinese New Year at OWIS was a true reflection of the school community coming together to celebrate unity, diversity and the rich tapestry of Chinese culture.