Engaging taster workshops for Grade 5 students transitioning to Secondary Grade 6

The move from Primary to Secondary, even within the same school campus, is a momentous one. To ease the transition into Grade 6 in August 2022, our Grade 5 learners attended a presentation where Secondary teachers and students gave them an idea of what lies in store. At the outset, they were assured that they will be supported through the process. 

In their Drama taster workshop, Mr. Steven Glover, who teaches the subject, told them they have “won the lottery”, since the fun subject is being introduced in Grade 6 in the upcoming academic year. They practised enacting what different types of families would look like. In other taster lessons for Science, the Grade 5 students worked on interesting experiments, guided by our Secondary Science teachers. 

There is just so much to look forward to in Secondary School at OWIS, and we’re sure the Grade 5 students will enjoy their new learning journeys!

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