Exploring Knowledge in Grade 11 IBDP

As knowers, our Grade 11 IBDP students are actively engaged in the process of acquiring knowledge. In the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course in the IBDP at OWIS Nanyang, our Grade 11 students explored knowledge as a multifaceted concept shaped by various factors such as perception, language, reason, and emotion. Their study delved into how individuals acquire, assess, and apply knowledge within different areas of knowledge and across diverse contexts.

In Term 1 and 2, Grade 11 IBDP students investigated TOK by questioning the nature of knowledge itself, examining its scope, limitations, and the methods used to obtain it.

They explored the roles of perspective, biases, and experiences in shaping how knowledge is understood and interpreted. They were able to arrive at the conclusion that the knower’s cultural background, personal beliefs, and societal influences impact their understanding and construction of knowledge.
This awareness prompted critical reflection on the reliability and validity of knowledge claims, encouraging a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of the complexities inherent in the pursuit and application of knowledge.