Giving wings to creativity in Early Childhood at OWIS Nanyang

In early childhood education, the nurturing of imagination holds a pivotal role in a child’s development. Imagination is the cornerstone upon which a world of learning is built. It’s not merely about fanciful daydreams; it’s a powerful cognitive tool that sparks curiosity, problem-solving, and creativity. Engaging in imaginative activities enables young minds to explore, experiment, and make sense of the world around them. It fosters language development, enhances social skills, and instils a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. These formative years are a window of opportunity where imaginative play and creative thinking plant the seeds for a future brimming with innovation, critical thinking, and boundless possibilities.

Our learners in Early Childhood at OWIS Nanyang had plenty of opportunities to exercise their imagination through fun and engaging activities as part of our IB PYP curriculum

After reading the book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” Early Childhood 2 students at OWIS Nanyang demonstrated their self-management skills by painting a bear using forks and subsequently assembling their bear collage.

Our students in Early Childhood 3 explored and expressed what they would turn a simple, ordinary stick into – a magic wand, a fishing rod, a sword, a broom, a brush and a lollipop, just for starters. 

And in one other example of the power of imagination, our student in Early Childhood 1 had an amazing idea while exploring the ‘Things I like’ sensory table. She used her imagination to put the cups together with the rainbow rice and beans inside to create an instrument. 

If you come down to our OWIS Nanyang campus for a visit or a school tour, don’t miss the “Learning is Magical” display, which is a remarkable showcase of our students’ boundless imagination. The display board was collaboratively created by our Early Childhood and Primary School students.  Adorned with vibrant colours and creative designs, it serves as a constant reminder of the magical educational journey we embark on together.