Grade 1 Educational Field Trip: A Day of Learning, Exploration, and Joy

Our eager first graders embarked on an educational journey that promised a perfect blend of learning, exploration, and enjoyment. This unique experience allowed them to delve into the wonders of the world around them, fostering their curiosity and love for discovery.

As they ventured on their field trip, they not only deepened their understanding of various subjects through hands-on experiences but also cultivated important social skills. The students worked together, sharing their observations and insights, fostering teamwork and camaraderie.

In Grade 1, the focus is on acquiring knowledge of signs and symbols. Thus, the primary objectives of the field trip were:

  • To observe how people organise themselves in a recreational setting
  • To explore how a community space is organised and observe the layout of the playground
  • To teach students how to organise themselves into groups for different games and activities at the playground

Furthermore, the activities included:

  • Creating a simple playground map, marking different play zones and signs, and discussing their purposes in a group
  • Allowing students to participate in playground activities actively, helping them experience firsthand how cooperation and organisation occur during play
  • Guiding students to discuss what they have learned about organising themselves at the playground — emphasising the importance of organisation in daily life.

Our Grade 1 students returned from this remarkable day out with smiles on their faces and a newfound enthusiasm for learning, making it a day filled with joy, exploration, and educational growth.

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