Halloween Celebrations 2022

When you see students walking into the Nanyang campus with fake spiders in their hair, there’s no question that it must be Crazy Hair Day for Halloween. It’s always fun to see all the hair-raising updos the students come up with as part of our Halloween celebration. A few that caught our eye involved flowerpots, miniature skeleton figurines, and even a balloon doughnut. Kudo to the students for their creativity!

At the Suntec campus, students turned up in classic costumes associated with the festival, and we enjoyed welcoming all the witches, wizards, and superheroes among others on the day. After an energetic start to the morning that involved a ‘Bones’ Gonoodle dance, students indulged in a spooky story writing competition, torchlight storytelling, and solving a mystery in the dark. 

It was a fun way to start the second term, and there’s plenty more to come!

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