IB PYP Exhibition 2024 at OWIS Nanyang

Over the span of two days, One World International School Nanyang Campus welcomed over 1,000 visitors who witnessed the remarkable display of passion, creativity, and critical thinking skills exhibited by our Grade 5 students in the IB PYP Exhibition. 

Beginning two months prior, our students embarked on a learning journey rooted in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They brainstormed ideas, crafted central themes and lines of inquiry, and aligned them with key concepts. Weeks were spent conducting thorough research, interviewing experts, and consolidating findings into Google slides and reports. Action plans were devised and implemented, accompanied by the construction of intricate 3D models.

The culmination of their efforts was evident as they confidently presented their innovative solutions to parents, fellow students, and educators from diverse schools. This collaborative effort not only showcased their academic prowess but also their ability to address real-world challenges with ingenuity and determination.

Ms Amrita Bakhtani, Grade 5 Teacher and Coordinator who supported students through the IB PYP Exhibition this year, said, “Students grew as learners, reflecting on the various Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills used and learner profiles demonstrated. As their teacher, I’m truly proud of their hard work and how they took ownership of their learning. They brought their passion to life as they presented real-world issues to the audience, bringing awareness to the public and what we can do to act on it. It is a privilege to watch them grow through this journey.” 

Students from Grade 5 also shared their reflections on their Exhibition experience: 

Misha from Grade 5E said, “My group’s exhibition topic is cyber bullying and mental health. We chose this topic because we felt bad for the people who got cyber bullied and realised we could help to prevent bullying and also support the mental wellbeing of the victims. My  favourite part in the exhibition was researching and making posters.It was an enriching process which helped to build our knowledge and skills. We enhanced our research skills, analysis skills, creative thinking skills as well as critical thinking skills.

We as a group found it challenging to agree upon anything at the beginning. However, we found our rhythm gradually and began understanding each other’s perspective and point of view. This enriching journey of eight weeks has made us better communicators and responsible individuals.”

Kyosuke from Grade 5A shared his perspective, “One thing I liked about the exhibition experience is that we get to research and direct our learning to our own passion. One thing I found challenging about the exhibition experience is, most of the learning points and activities are gathered through brainstorming on our own, and everyone has different ideas in our group, that we find it challenging to choose the best one from all to apply. However, a part of the learning experience is overcoming these challenges, which we did. Overall, the exhibition has been a pleasant and new experience for me, and probably other Grade 5 students also feel the same way.”

Mr James Sweeney, Head of School, commented, “The level of depth and understanding displayed in this Exhibition is truly impressive. Conversations with several students have left me astounded by their ability to integrate their learning into everyday life and its influence on their future thinking.

This Exhibition is not only a reflection of our students’ talents but also a testament to the dedication and support provided by our entire Early Childhood and Primary staff. The collaborative effort has been remarkable, with nearly all teachers contributing significantly to guiding and nurturing our students’ development. A special note of thanks goes to our Grade Five team and to Ms Syah, our IB PYP Coordinator, whose coordination efforts have been instrumental in the success of this event.”