Outdoor learning at OWIS Nanyang through the grades

At OWIS Nanyang, the spirit of exploration extends far beyond the classroom. Through dynamic outdoor learning experiences, our teachers inspire curiosity, creativity, and collaboration in our students across all grade levels.

Outdoor Maths in Early Childhood and Primary reinforces the concepts and skills the students learn within the classroom. For example, recently our Early Childhood students continued their inquiry into 3D shapes by trying to find different 3D shapes around the campus. They also used tally marks to record the 3D shapes that they found. Through this activity, they honed their thinking and research skills.

Our green spaces around the campus also inspire the language skills of our students. As part of their Unit Provocation, Grade 3 took a sensory walk around the school campus and used their five senses to record some words. After returning to their classroom, students applied their thinking skills to write the rhyming words for them and wrote a sensory poem.

For our Secondary students, the great outdoors provides wonderful opportunities to understand concepts such as conservation and biodiversity. For our Grade 11 IBDP students who recently went to a nature park in Singapore for their dynamic Collaborative Science Projects (CSP), they were able to delve into global interconnectedness through active collaboration, fostering a deeper understanding of regional, national, and local communities. These projects cultivated scientific knowledge and honed essential skills like teamwork, negotiation, and leadership. 

At OWIS Nanyang, outdoor learning isn’t just a supplement to traditional education—it’s an integral part of the curriculum that cultivates a lifelong love of exploration and discovery. Through hands-on experiences and collaborative projects, students learn not only about the natural world but also about themselves and their place within it. As they venture into the great outdoors, they become stewards of the environment, empowered to make a positive impact on the world around them.