OWIS Nanyang Primary Students Embark on an Interdisciplinary Journey Exploring Space through IBPYP Curriculum

Embarking on the exploration of space in Grade 2 was not just a journey into the celestial realms, but also an opportunity for students to cultivate transdisciplinary skills that extend beyond the boundaries of traditional subjects. This is an integral part of the IBPYP at OWIS Nanyang.

Throughout their Unit of Inquiry (UOI), the class seamlessly integrated various disciplines, fostering a holistic learning experience.

Here are some of the exciting lessons through which Grade 2 students at OWIS Nanyang explored the wonders of the universe:

Field trip to watch a movie on space

Grade 2 enjoyed their first field trip to the Omni Theatre to watch the animated movie, 3-2-1 Lift Off. This movie was a fantastic start to our new UOI, How The World Works, and got the students thinking about what the topic of their new UOI is.

Research into the phases of the Moon:

The students delved into the intricacies of the moon’s phases, employing their research skills to uncover the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ behind this celestial occurrence. They meticulously compiled information on the various phases of the moon, demonstrating a keen grasp of both the scientific concepts and their ability to communicate effectively.

Integrated reading comprehension:

To enhance their understanding, the class seamlessly integrated reading comprehension with their UOI. By reading facts about Earth’s structure, students answered differentiated questions, showcasing their comprehension skills and reinforcing their knowledge base.

Researching the layers of the Earth:

Expanding their exploration, the students turned their attention to the layers of the Earth. Through research and hands-on activities, they not only labeled the Earth’s different parts but also provided detailed insights into the Crust, Mantle, Inner Core, and Outer Core. This multifaceted approach deepened their understanding of Earth’s composition.

Planet research:

Exercising autonomy, students selected individual planets for in-depth research and creatively conveyed their findings through poster presentations. This project not only expanded their knowledge of our solar system but also honed their research and presentation skills.

Science fiction writing:

Embracing a new writing style, the class ventured into the realm of Science Fiction. After watching a thought-provoking Science Fiction story, students used their creativity to complete their own narratives. This exercise not only nurtured their imagination but also integrated language arts with their scientific exploration.

Natural disaster presentation:

Transitioning to their second line of inquiry, students explored the reasons and impact of natural disasters on Earth. Through extensive research, they acquired valuable insights into the causes and consequences of these events. The culmination of this inquiry involved creating and presenting informative posters, showcasing their research and communication skills.

Unit share:

In a grand finale to the unit of inquiry, Grade 2 students welcomed parents into their classroom, sharing their newfound knowledge and presenting an array of exciting facts. The culmination of their UOI was a testament to their engagement, curiosity, and the interdisciplinary nature of their learning journey.