OWIS student Mayukh G., who scored 10 A*s in the IGCSEs, shares his exam tips

We are very proud of Mayukh G., who scored 10 A*s across his subjects in the 2022 Cambridge IGCSEs. We caught up with him for a quick chat to congratulate him on his accomplishment and glean some tips to share with other IGCSE students.

What was the preparation you put in for the IGCSE exams?

My preparation for the IGCSE exams was to practise as many past year papers as possible, so that I could be prepared for the majority of the questions in the exams.

What tips can you suggest for other students coming into the IGCSE grades?

My tip to students coming into the IGCSE grades is to be disciplined in their studies. So they have to devote some time every day to studying, rather than rushing through it before their exams.

How has your learning experience been at OWIS through the Secondary grades? 

My learning experience through the Secondary grades has been enjoyable and fulfilling. The moments that stood out for me are the meaningful conversations I had with teachers regarding the subjects they teach.

What is the best thing about OWIS for you? 

The best thing about OWIS for me would be the calm and relaxing environment in the school.

How is your experience in the IB Diploma Programme? Are you finding it different from the IGCSE?

My experience in the IB DP isn’t very different from the IGCSE. The only change would be that IB DP is slightly more demanding than the IGCSE regarding time management.

What are your future goals – in terms of target destinations for university or the course you plan to pursue?

I plan to go to NTU or NUS, where I plan to major in Electrical Engineering.

We also asked Mayukh’s proud parents for their comment on his excellent grades. Here is what they had to say:

“We are proud of Mayukh’s IGCSE results. His learning experience in OWIS is good. The teaching quality is good. The teachers are cooperative and supportive.”

Congratulations, Mayukh! We hope that you achieve your goals in the IB DP as well!

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