Planting the seeds of observation in Early Childhood

At OWIS Suntec, our Early Childhood 1 & 2 educators concluded the Unit of Inquiry on the uses of water and how it is important for living things. After reading the story “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle, students embarked on their own experiments to see how water affects the growth of green and red bean seeds. Over the past couple of weeks, our young learners have been documenting the changes in the seeds in their ‘Observation Journal’, including the height of the plants.

They attempted to use non-standard measurements, such as unifix cubes, to measure the height of their little saplings. They also predicted what might happen to the plant next and what they need to do in order to see the plant grow better. They learned some interesting new words to add to their vocabulary – “impossible”, “maybe”, and “certain” – that will help them to describe the chance of something happening in daily events.

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