Spotlight on the Model United Nations (MUN) at OWIS Nanyang

The Model United Nations or MUN is one of the most popular CCAs in Secondary School at OWIS Nanyang.  

We caught up with Mr Peter Banning, Coordinator for the MUN at our school, and asked him to share his perspectives on the relevance of the MUN and how students benefit from being a part of this co-curricular activity: 

What is the importance of the MUN for Secondary students at OWIS Nanyang?

In my opinion, MUN is one of the most powerful tools to get students into universities. Through this activity, they develop a wide range of skills related to communication, negotiation, debating, thinking on their feet, exhibiting their knowledge of the world and global issues, crisis management and much more. Students are able to pursue their interests by choosing a committee that is relevant to their career goals. They also gain an immense amount of confidence through the conferences. Since universities value these skills, any student who is able to showcase MUN in their college application will stand out from the crowd. 

How does the MUN CCA work at OWIS Nanyang?

It is a seasonal CCA. The first season of the academic year has just concluded this month and the second season will commence in January and conclude with the conference in March. Our students are assigned different countries to represent, and based on their interests and professional goals, they go into relevant committees at the conference. We train and mentor them to help them to prepare research papers and position papers. At the conference, students are also prepared to form voting blocks and make deals with other students from other international schools. 

Our team recently won the ‘Best Delegation’ award at the GIIS MUN. What are your thoughts on our students’ achievements in the different MUN conferences since last year?

I have seen our students getting an understanding of the real world and standing on their own two feet. Children have a strong sense of justice and I have seen great qualities arise in them at these conferences. They show remarkable leadership skills and their speeches are passionate and truly inspiring.