Start of a wonderful school year at OWIS Suntec

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The commencement of the school year at OWIS Suntec brought with it a wave of excitement and enthusiasm. After all, every new school year is full of possibilities – the opportunity to make new friends, discover new concepts, and find joy in learning.  

There are also new classroom routines to adapt to, for students both new and returning. In Early Childhood, a novel addition to our morning routine is the daily sign-in procedure, which will help our youngest learners to hone their writing skills. This seemingly simple exercise also gives the students the opportunity to learn each other’s names quickly and form strong connections with each other right from the beginning of the term. Another highlight of our initial week was the engaging scavenger hunt, through which students familiarised themselves with their classrooms. 

By the middle of the first week, it was time to slowly start introducing and revisiting the concepts the students had learned in their previous grade. Students in Grades 1 and 2 engaged in some enjoyable hands-on activities to reinforce their knowledge of the concept of tens and ones. These activities involved using physical objects and interactive games to understand Maths concepts better. For example, when students learned about numbers, they used colourful counters and blocks to see how numbers can be grouped into tens and ones. These hands-on experiences help them to see and feel what they are learning, making it much easier to remember. It helps them to understand complex ideas in a simpler way, think critically and solve problems creatively. By using their hands and minds together, our students build a strong foundation in Maths that will stay with them for a long time. 

In Grade 3, students were introduced to the first Unit of Inquiry on the Human Body Systems. They engaged in an inquiry model of finding out what they already know about the topic by accessing their prior knowledge. They extended this inquiry by brainstorming what else they would like to explore about the topic of human body systems.

Along with English, Maths and UoI, students also started their PE, Music and Art lessons. All in all, it was an exciting start to the school term at OWIS Suntec. There are so many more wonderful experiences to come!