Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences

At our recent Parent-Teacher Conferences at One World International School (OWIS) Digital Campus*, we had a wonderful opportunity to connect, share insights, and set goals for the ongoing academic journey with our parent body. These PTCs hold a myriad of emotions for both parents and educators as it is a time when we come together to discuss the progress, challenges, and growth of our students, and how best to set our students up for success.


It was heartwarming to witness the genuine interest and enthusiasm of our parents, either in person or virtually. Students’ strengths as well as their areas for improvement, were discussed, along with the implementation of individual strategies to support their academic and emotional development.

One common theme that emerged was the importance of open, honest communication. Parents shared their invaluable insights about their children’s interests, needs, and learning styles. This collaborative spirit not only fosters a supportive home environment but also helps us tailor our teaching methods to better suit each student.

The academic staff emphasised the significance of setting clear goals and expectations for the year ahead. By involving parents in this process, they can work together with the teachers to ensure that their child’s educational journey remains positive and that ownership of this journey is collaborative. 

Here at OWIS, we are genuinely grateful for the trust parents place in us, and we are committed to nurturing each student fully. We are looking forward to a year of growth, learning, and shared accomplishments.  

Thank you to all the parents for your ongoing support during this journey!

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