Embarking on a Journey Through the Art Spaces at OWIS Digital Campus*

In the heart of education lies a profound commitment to nurturing not just minds, but also the creative spirits of students. At the new One World International School (OWIS) Digital Campus*, this ethos resonates vividly through our state-of-the-art spaces, each meticulously designed to inspire, innovate and ignite the passion for artistic expression.

We recognise the intrinsic value of the Units of Inquiry (UOI) approach in fostering a well-rounded learning experience. By integrating the Arts into our curriculum, we provide students unique avenues to explore and understand the world around them. Let us further explore the advantages of integrating art into student learning:

  • Art serves as a rich medium for delving deeper into UOI topics, enhancing comprehension, and fostering connections across various subjects.
  • Whether through visual arts, performing arts or interdisciplinary projects, the Arts play a significant role in learning, offering avenues for exploration and expression.
  • By cultivating creativity, self-expression, critical thinking and empathy, the Arts empower students to navigate the complexities of the world with depth and insight.

Celebrating cultural expression, the Art spaces within the OWIS Digital Campus invite us to recognise their profound impact in shaping well-rounded, empathetic learners poised to thrive in an ever-changing world. From the impressive multipurpose hall to the innovation-packed auditorium and the intimate setting of the black box theatre, along with the inspiring atmosphere of our art studios, each space is meticulously designed to nurture a variety of artistic pursuits and learning adventures for our students.

Multipurpose Hall: Where Versatility Meets Functionality

Our multipurpose hall will not just be a space; it will be a hub of activity and creativity. With its expansive layout and versatile design, the hall will cater to a myriad of activities aimed at enhancing student learning and engagement. From art exhibitions to parent workshops, and student performances to university fairs, the multipurpose hall will provide the perfect backdrop for a wide array of events.

Moreover, the multipurpose hall’s adaptability allows it to seamlessly transform into a venue for examinations, community gatherings and cultural celebrations. This flexibility ensures that the space is utilised to its fullest potential, catering to the diverse needs of students, faculty and the community at large.

Auditorium: Pushing Boundaries in Artistic Innovation

Our next-generation auditorium is designed to immerse students in a world of unparalleled artistic innovation and technological sophistication. Designed to be a super flexible, fully automated arena, the auditorium redefines the conventional notion of a performance space.

Boasting a seating capacity of 1,500, the auditorium stands as a testament to cutting-edge technology and forward-looking design. Designed with the most advanced audiovisual equipment, the auditorium features an immersive cinematic iMax experience that delivers exceptional sensory immersion.

However, what truly sets the auditorium apart is its emphasis on accessibility and inclusivity. With cutting-edge technological features, audience members from 50 meters away will be able to hear the performers even without a microphone. Moreover, the automated seating system further enhances the viewing experience, allowing for personalised comfort and convenience akin to world-class sporting events.

Black Box Theatre: Unleashing Creativity in an Intimate Setting

Our black box theatre is a dynamic space where creativity knows no bounds. More than just a physical venue, it serves as a canvas for artistic experimentation and expression.

Here, OWIS students are encouraged to explore the realms of creativity through theatre plays, musical performances, presentations, educational movie-watching and more. The fully automatic retractable seating system ensures that every audience member enjoys an intimate and immersive viewing experience, fostering a sense of connection and engagement.

In the black box theatre, innovation thrives and artistic expression finds its truest form. It is a space where boundaries are pushed, ideas are exchanged and creativity flourishes — a testament to OWIS’ commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals with a passion for the arts.

Fostering Creativity: The Transformative Role of OWIS Digital Campus Art Spaces

The art spaces at OWIS Digital Campus transcend physical venues; they serve as dynamic catalysts for inspiration, innovation and artistic excellence, fostering a vibrant creative ecosystem within and beyond. Together, these spaces not only shape the creative landscape of the school but also enrich the lives of OWIS students by providing opportunities for personal growth, self-expression and connection with the wider community. Visit our new state-of-the-art campus today to experience the vibrant OWIS community. Additionally, you may contact our admissions team at admissions.pg@owis.org or +65 6914 7351 for more information.

*OWIS Digital Campus has recently received its Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP). Campus opening is subject to CPE approval. Classes for Early Childhood to Grade 8 for AY 2023-24 commenced on 28 August 2023 at an adjacent campus.

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