How to Develop Interpersonal Skills in Students

Students engaged in mindfulness exercise in Primary School at OWIS Nanyang, Leading IB School in Singapore

Interpersonal skills are those we use to build relationships. They include listening to what someone is saying, showing empathy and responding appropriately. As adults, most of us have appropriate interpersonal skills. However, we probably had to work on them to get to where we are today, which is why interpersonal skills training plays a vital role in education.

Understanding Interpersonal Skills

Coursera defines interpersonal skills as people skills — we use them when interacting with others. They are directly linked to the level of success in our relationships, careers and lives. If we have polished interpersonal skills, we find it easier to make friends. People enjoy being around us, and they give credence to what we have to say.

However, if we lack these skills, or if ours aren’t on a level that’s appropriate for our age and circumstance, we may have a more difficult time connecting with friends, finding romantic partners or experiencing success at work. Some of the more critical interpersonal skills include the ability to:

  • Communicate
  • Negotiate
  • Collaborate
  • Listen
  • Show empathy
  • Resolve conflict

All through life, your child will be called upon to use them. For this reason, they must receive training and education in this area. At One World International School in Singapore, we provide a well-rounded educational experience that combines academics with interpersonal skills training, exploration and student-led learning.

Benefits of Interpersonal Skills for Students

OWIS Nanyang | International School in Singapore | Students engaging in collaborative learning in Primary School

Students who have strong interpersonal skills are capable of building healthier relationships. They instil trust in others, and they’re able to resolve problems. They function well in team settings and usually perform better academically. They also tend to experience higher levels of happiness and contentment than students who struggle in this area.

Students with strong communication skills are generally self-aware, meaning they understand how others feel about them. They’re often quite confident in their abilities and rank high in emotional intelligence. For these reasons, many of the top international schools in Singapore place high importance on interpersonal skill development. One World International School (OWIS) is no exception.

At One World International School, we emphasise core values such as kindness and empathy from day one. We also immerse students in a purposefully multicultural environment where they can experience and learn from different cultures, religions and races. In this way, we foster acceptance and tolerance of others. We help students overcome barriers in language and instil a greater understanding of the world around them.

These traits, ultimately, make our students better conversationalists and more effective global citizens.

Strategies for Developing Interpersonal Skills in Students

Students learning about mindfulness in Primary School | OWIS Nanyang | Leading International Primary School offering IB programmes in Singapore

At OWIS, our educators devote much time to helping students develop strong interpersonal skills as part of our Pastoral Care Programme. For example, we encourage students to share their thoughts and reward them for doing so. As a result, students learn to have confidence in their words and opinions. We also encourage teamwork whenever possible. Allowing students to engage with each other builds strong collaboration, sharing and listening skills.

OWIS also believes in giving students the freedom to make many of their own decisions. We encourage autonomy and require that students play active roles in their education. We also provide them with plenty of opportunities to showcase their hard work and talent. Every year, OWIS Nanyang hosts multiple exhibitions, student showcases, competitions and more. These are designed to build students up and to give them confidence as well as practice in public speaking and presentation.

Our educators also strive to foster a growth mindset. Students who understand that hard work and effort are directly related to success are more resilient. They’re less likely to give up when projects become difficult, and they’re more likely to find alternative methods of approaching the same problem.

Lastly, our educators are role models of positivity, kindness, honesty and respect. We model the traits we wish to foster in our student body, which gives them aspirational goals and objectives. With this strong foundation in place and these core values running through every day of classwork, OWIS students become strong communicators with confidence in their ideas. They also understand the importance of listening to other points of view.

Learn More About OWIS Singapore

At One World International School, we are working hard to instil honourable traits in the students who pass through our halls. In addition to academics and extracurricular activities, we follow a holistic approach that meets your child on every level. Ideally, we help them become better communicators, more enthusiastic learners and more responsible citizens of their local and global communities.

If you’re interested in learning more about the OWIS approach and how we can provide a world-class international education in Singapore for your child, we invite you to reach out to one of our Admissions Counsellors today. They will be happy to sit down with you to answer your questions, arrange a campus tour or guide you through enrolment.

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