Grade 1 learners organise a mini-exhibition to showcase their sense of responsibility towards the planet

In June, our Grade 1 students at OWIS Nanyang organised a mini-exhibition to showcase their understanding of global issues and the sense of responsibility they feel to bring about positive change.

Choosing different topics related to the planet, such as sustainable living and environmental pollution, the children took ownership of their own learning while collaborating, planning and presenting their knowledge in connection to the inquiry. Of particular interest for the staff who visited the exhibition were the efforts the students made to build awareness around the craft of paper-making.

It was an absolute joy to see the children displaying the IB Learner Profile attributes of being an ‘Inquirer’, ‘Knowledgeable’, ‘Reflective’ and a ‘Communicator’ through this fantastic experience. Some of the classes also took the positive step of donating the proceeds of their paper-making initiative to Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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