The Mindful Integration of Digital Learning at OWIS Suntec

The use of technology in modern classrooms has increased in recent years as it has grown more affordable, practical and commonplace. A future-focussed education, particularly in an international school, should give students access to age-appropriate technology tools and an early understanding of its mindful use.

At One World International School Suntec Campus, our school uses technology as a means to enrich the classroom learning experience. We use these blended learning techniques because the right combination of classroom and on-device education is shown to optimise learning outcomes for students of all ages.

After all, technology is a part of our world now, and children must learn to use it properly. At the same time, we know how important it is for each of our students to learn how to interact with other students. Interpersonal relationships are still a critical part of learning.

Benefits of Technology at the Primary School Level

Digital learning at the Primary School level is an important part of a good international school curriculum. ​​The benefits of using technology in Primary School include:

  • Technology makes classroom instruction more interesting. Technology provides an interactive platform that allows for the creative delivery of classroom material.‍
  • Technology can make learning personalised. E-learning apps and educational games are often created keeping different learner levels in mind and teachers can select the right mode to match and build the capability of students. ‍
  • Using technology keeps students engaged. Technology is interactive in a variety of ways and this promotes student engagement and motivation. For example, many apps use songs, audio clips, animation and video content to keep students engaged.‍
  • Technology prepares children for the future. Children who learn to use technology in a mindful way in the younger grades are more adept when they need to lean on technology for their studies in secondary school and university. ‍
  • Promotes collaboration. Often, children help one another use technology in the classroom. In this way, devices can help bring children together and teach children to help one another.‍
  • Incorporates a variety of learning styles. Technology is flexible and can be configured to deliver instructional material in ways that appeal to various learning styles.

Implementing Digital and Blended Learning at OWIS Suntec

At Singapore Primary School in Suntec, we’ve helped our students adjust to this new world of technology by making it accessible and practical. The blend of technology that students have access to in the classroom makes OWIS Suntec a popular international school for expat families in Singapore.

Here’s what we’ve done to ensure that our students enjoy technology integrated in their learning in a balanced way:

  • iPads for Students

OWIS Suntec provides a shared bank of iPads for guided reading lessons, Maths and collaborative research into the Unit of Inquiry in the IB PYP curriculum. Students are able to check out an iPad for their time in the classroom and then return the iPad when it’s no longer being used.

  • Smart TVs

Teachers at OWIS Suntec use smart TVs for their video lessons, interactive quizzes and more. Smart TVs are available for teacher use in all classrooms.

  • ICT Programme

Soon, students at OWIS Suntec will participate in a carefully-designed Information and Communication Technology (ICT) programme on a weekly basis. Elements of ICT will be taught to students as a part of Personal, Social, and Physical Education (PSPE), Maths and UoI. In the ICT curriculum, students will learn the fundamentals of coding as well as the basics of digital citizenship and digital literacy.

  • Digital Art

Students at OWIS Suntec are given Apple pens for digital art as a part of the “Everyone Can Create” Digital Art Programme. With the Apple pen, students can manipulate shapes and colours on their tablet screen and work with art software that helps them learn the basics of 2 and 3-dimensional art.

OWIS Suntec Educators are Mindful of Screen Time

Many parents have concerns about digital learning, especially as it has proven to be exceptionally difficult for children who need additional support. At OWIS Suntec, we’re mindful of these challenges. We take care to ensure our students receive a balanced blended education. All students at OWIS Suntec learn higher-order thinking, but they do it by developing a blend of pen-and-paper skills and digital skills.

And, of course, we ensure student safety by allowing only child-friendly apps on our devices. As a result, students gradually learn responsible computer and internet usage as they also learn how digital platforms can aid them in their research and studies.

Visit OWIS Suntec International School in Central Singapore

OWIS Suntec is an IB PYP Candidate School in the Downtown Core of Singapore, offering Early Childhood Grades 1 through 3 and Primary Grades 1 to 5. As a multicultural school with blended educational opportunities (digital and inquiry-based learning), students learn social skills, values and life skills that they need to succeed.

Contact us to schedule a school tour to learn about how OWIS Suntec helps prepare students for the next steps after graduation. You can also discover more about our all-through campus at Nanyang. Contact us today for further information.

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