The Multi-faceted Roles of Teachers: How It Extends Beyond Instruction

Some may assume that the role of a teacher revolves around providing students with instruction and information about a specific subject. However, teachers at all levels of education play a multi-faceted role within the classroom and throughout the school.

Here’s a look at some of the important aspects of our teachers’ roles at OWIS.

Drivers of Student Engagement

Teachers do more than prepare lesson plans and deliver content to their students. Whether they are the lead teacher in a primary classroom, or they offer a specialised subject in secondary school, their first priority is to maintain student engagement throughout the entire learning experience. Our teachers drive this engagement in a variety of ways, including cultivating curiosity, engaging students in discussions, encouraging creativity using a variety of resources and offering innovative learning experiences and opportunities to students.

Motivators who help students develop Positive Values

Teachers set the tone for the classroom, and come to school each day with a warm, accessible and enthusiastic attitude. They provide an inclusive and nurturing environment in which students have the opportunity to enhance their 21st-century skills such as collaboration, communication and critical thinking. At the same time, teachers promote responsibility, empathy and kindness between students through mutually respectful relationships.

Mentors who provide Personalised Guidance

One of the most important roles that teachers provide is that of mentor and guide. Teachers inspire students with their own love of learning, ensuring that every student maintains a positive state of mind and an openness to new learning. They provide students with personalised teaching, cater to different learning styles and evaluate the progress of their students on a regular basis. As well as monitoring academic progress, teachers nurture a positive mental attitude and positive mental health through continuous mentoring and personal pastoral care. Our teachers ensure each student is supported to personal and academic success.

At One World International School, we understand that our teachers are the foundation of our community. They are the professionals who ensure excellence in education and who implement a rigorous curriculum in an inviting and engaging way. Our teachers are the people who connect with our students, guiding them as they move from grade to grade. Knowing what important roles teachers play, we make recruitment a high priority.

We hire Highly Qualified Teachers who match our Values 

Academic excellence is a high priority at OWIS, so first and foremost, we focus on appointing teachers who have the professional experience required to provide our students with the education they deserve. In addition to excellent academic and professional qualifications, we also prioritise the personal values of each individual. We are looking for passionate, empathetic and understanding teachers to nurture our kind community.

We search for the Best Teachers around the world

At OWIS, we are proud to have a multicultural student body, including many different nationalities, religions and backgrounds. We believe that our teaching staff should reflect our commitment to diversity and recruit qualified teachers from all around the world. Our students not only learn from highly educated professionals but benefit from teachers with a breadth of different life experiences, with different cultural perspectives, with a variety of historical heritages and with a global mindset.

We provide excellent Training Opportunities and Learning Experiences

We know that the best teachers are learners themselves: committed to their own learning experiences. We actively encourage our teachers to pursue higher studies and support them with continuous professional development.

Our teachers are clearly at the heart of OWIS. Get in touch with us to schedule a virtual tour of our campus today, and find out more about how our teachers will encourage a lifelong love of learning in your child.

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