What makes an outstanding OWIS teacher?

At OWIS, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have a team of top-class educators. Our teachers do more than walk into the classroom and lay out their lesson plan for the day. They are truly engaged with their students, encouraging discussion at every opportunity and teaching them how to think for themselves. Our teachers are proud to work at OWIS and enjoy being involved in all aspects of the school experience.  We have assembled a diverse array of the most qualified educators from around the world.

Intentional About Lesson-Planning

Our teachers are creative and intentional about lesson-planning. Extremely well-versed in the subjects they teach, they also have a deep understanding of how to scaffold and support student learning, and have experience teaching in a range of different styles. They make lessons engaging and meet students where they are, presenting the material from multiple angles to accommodate varying abilities, interests and different learning styles. They have a huge toolbox of skills and are able to make learning enjoyable for everyone.

Establish A Healthy Rapport With Parents

Our teachers know that parental involvement is critical to a student’s success, and they maintain positive relationships with parents, keeping them informed of their child’s progress. They are happy to take feedback and make changes where appropriate. Our teachers also encourage parents to partner with them in preparing children to become well-rounded citizens and future leaders.

Our teachers are happy to advise parents if they are finding it difficult to support their children through some of the subjects that they are studying, for instance, a new language that they are not proficient in themselves. They understand that education changes quickly and that for some parents the world of schooling now may be very different from what they themselves experienced.

Create A Positive, Inclusive Learning Environment

Our teachers cultivate a learning environment that brings out the best in each of their students. They establish relationships with each child, making them feel recognised and valued. They learn about each child’s learning styles and monitor areas that they may need help with. Teachers incorporate students’ interests and passions into the curriculum, giving them a sense of ownership over their learning which enables them to appreciate it for its own sake. They encourage discussion and debate while ensuring that every child plays a key role within the classroom. Additionally, consistent positive reinforcement creates a supportive atmosphere that encourages all children to learn and explore.

Committed To Professional Development

Our team understands that as teachers, they are also lifelong learners. They will never stop learning and students are often full of brilliant, new ideas which inspire them. They share a collective sense of responsibility not just for the children in their own classrooms, but for all learners. Our teachers enjoy collaborating with their colleagues, sharing best practices and being open to new ideas and suggestions on how to be even more effective.

They are encouraged to offer feedback and ideas to the administrative teams, allowing us to offer the best schooling experience possible. Committed to doing their best, our teachers regularly reflect on their own performance and challenge themselves to continue to grow as professionals. They are offered the opportunity to attend internal and external professional development courses, lectures and conferences as appropriate

Dedicated to Our Values and Mission

Most importantly, our teachers have a shared vision to instil in our students the values that prepare them to be “one with the world.” They are dedicated to providing a balanced education in a nurturing environment. They develop children into innovative, passionate learners who will be wonderful global citizens. They offer a diverse range of learning opportunities and support children through their learning at all times. They encourage empathy, compassion and kindness in everything they do and create a safe and nurturing environment through all stages of their education.

To find out more about our wonderful teaching staff and the opportunities that we offer at OWIS, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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