What should you be looking out for while visiting a school?

At One World International School, we encourage parents to connect with the school community. This can begin even before your child is enrolled. Visiting the school ahead of time allows parents to meet teachers and other students, giving them an up-close look at our school culture and programmes. It allows families to get a feeling of the school environment and also to understand whether it would be the right fit for their child. Families who want to get better acquainted with us have multiple ways to do so.


Visiting us on a Saturday may be the most practical option for parents who have busy work schedules. Not only are they likely to have more free time on the weekends, but they have the added flexibility of being able to explore all theclassrooms without disturbing a live class. This gives extra time for parents to spend within the classroom environment to explore the different areas of the OWIS classrooms. They can get a feel for the space and gain a better understanding of the environment their children will be learning in. Parents also have extra time to peruse samples of student work as they learn more about our approach to learning. This will give them an insight into the different curriculum and teaching style options that they are able to select for their child. Seeing student work allows parents to see the passion that our children put into their studies.

Parents will be able to peruse the other locations within the school such as the outdoor spaces, sports facilities and communal areas so that they can see the diverse array of educational spaces that OWIS provides. Moreover, weekend tours allow parents to spend additional time with our admissions team to talk about our vision and values, and what students learn at each grade level. Our admissions team can answer any questions that they may have and then guide them through the application and integration process in a supportive and friendly way.


One of the advantages of touring our campus while classes are in session is that you can observe subject-specific lessons. Dropping in during art or music allows you to see how we encourage students to develop their talents and explore their creativity. Visiting a STEAM-subject class gives you the opportunity to observe how we build on students’ existing skill sets and challenge them to think critically and delve deeper into the subject matter. Parents will be able to see how interactive our teaching is and how students are fully immersed in the learning process. It also gives parents an opportunity to get a feeling for the atmosphere when the school is alive with students, teachers and support staff. Furthermore, parents are able to see a wide range of topics and curriculum options, running side by side, so they can make an informed choice about what would be best suited to their child.

When classes are in progress, you can get an idea of just how diverse our school community is, and how we teach students to appreciate other cultures as well as their own. You will see how we use our students’ experiences to learn about different languages, cultural experiences and traditions. It is a great way to see how well students from all over the world with varied backgrounds come together so harmoniously.  During the week, you’re welcome to attend our extracurricular activities or special events, which help our students get involved in the larger school community and extend their learning beyond the classroom.

Whether you schedule a weekend or weekday tour, we are happy to spend time with you and answer any questions you may have. One option isn’t necessarily “better” than the other. We understand that working parents face time constraints, and we offer weekday and Saturday tours to be as accommodating as possible.

We encourage parents to visit multiple times, both with and without their children, so they can make an informed decision regarding enrolment. Where possible, it is often worth getting a feel for the school during both weekdays and weekends so parents can get a deep perspective of the environment.  When bringing your children, we encourage you to allow them to interact with other students and staff members so they feel confident that they would be happy at OWIS. We want to ensure that every child feels a part of the school and is nurtured and supported throughout their education. We want our students to have fond memories of their time at OWIS and go on to be well-rounded adults, experience the world and have successful careers. Of course, you can drop in to chat with our teachers and administrators whenever you have questions or concerns. Our team are extremely friendly and are always open to having a chat. They are there to support not only the students but also the families. We look forward to getting to know you and your children. If you visit us while classes are in session, you will see how happy and engaged our students are. You will be able to watch them thrive in the environments that we provide on campus. Our teachers take the time to get to know each child individually, creating a warm, nurturing atmosphere in which students feel accepted as highly-valued members of our school community.

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This blog was originally written in collaboration with Jasween Gill, former Admissions and Communications Director, OWIS Nanyang and Suntec.