Why Choose One World International School (OWIS)?

Before you decide on the place your child or children will be spending much of their time – as well as the place from which much of their exposure and opportunity will come – you want to be sure you’ve made the best choice. We understand. Many of us have children of our own, and we know what it means to get the best education for them. If you’re still on the fence about where to send your child, it is necessary to learn more about your options, one of which is One World International School (OWIS).

A recent survey has shown that almost all parents with children currently enrolled at OWIS are thrilled with their choice and wouldn’t consider leaving, and any who do it would only be because they were relocating altogether. This is something that we are extremely proud of and we strive to ensure this remains the case. Here are some of the reasons why our parents and students love us.

A True Multicultural Learning Experience

It’s hard to get more multicultural than an international school in a melting-pot city-state such as Singapore. Our current students come from all over the world, bringing with them a huge range of languages, ethnicities and cultural heritages. In addition to English, you will hear many different languages in our classrooms and on our playgrounds, exposing all children to the varied nature of the world and its peoples as part of our fabric. We also put a 30% cap on student nationality for the Nanyang campus, helping ensure our diversity.

Children who grow up with diversity are better adjusted, more able to negotiate challenging situations and more willing to take on the new experiences that expand horizons and lead to success. Moreover, our children have a heightened respect for different cultures. Our students are surrounded by such diversity on a daily basis that working alongside those from different backgrounds feels completely normal. They have the opportunity to learn from their peers and develop into culturally respecting individuals.

While the diverse nature of our student body and staff makes our school multicultural by its very nature, we also make an intentional effort to bring a multicultural learning experience to every activity, lesson and interaction. We interlink topics of study and pull together our students’ experiences to learn more on the subject. Each member of our community is valued and respected, and community forms the heart of everything we do. We ensure that everyone, from every culture and background, is supported and made to feel at home throughout their time at OWIS. Through cultural celebrations, House system and classroom models all prioritise international mindedness and excellent relationships between teacher, student and parents, as well as peer to peer. We make each experience a learning opportunity and encourage our students to teach others about their own traditions and cultural history.

Excellent ISA Results

School standards are an excellent way to gauge the worth of a school, especially as compared to other international schools in the area and around the world. At One World International School, we undertake the International Schools’ Assessment (ISA), created by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). These are external assessments, meaning they’re completely impartial, with no bias in favour of our school. Despite this, we consistently perform excellently on the ISA.

Moreover, these assessments aren’t specific to a single subject or type of curriculum. Instead, they evaluate the core skills and effectiveness of the school.. This allows us constantly to be checking the reliability of our own internal assessments. It allows us to make any adaptations and changes that we feel would continue to better our school, as we continuously strive to maintain the excellent reputation of OWIS. Using data received from ACER and our own formative and summative testing, we feel confident in our ability to deliver top-notch education to all our students, of all ages, every month and every year.

Serving a Variety of Ages

We strive to offer an extended experience to our children of all ages, offering them security and a sense of home by enabling an educational career spanning 15 years: we welcome students of all nationalities between the ages of 3 and 18. This extended experience also means that students know that they are part of a special place and they will not have the instability of moving to multiple schools as they get older. This is something that a lot of expat children appreciate, as often they have already relocated away from their friends, extended family and hometown. Through a progression of learning that begins in the youngest years, we consistently build on student knowledge with experiential lessons and units, increasing student independence with every grade.

We believe in letting students lead the educational experience as much as possible. We teach them to take responsibility for their learning both in and outside of the classroom.  Our younger students experience a rich environment in which they have the initiative to influence how their learning develops, keeping it in line with their interests and receiving scaffolded guidance. They are given the opportunity to learn in a range of different formats from academic study to play, practical sessions to quiet time.

Older students experience a more structured curriculum, but nevertheless they are able to focus on their own interests, leading to greater retention and a rich learning experience that lasts for the entirety of their educational career with us. The older students are given the chance to build their curriculum as they begin to make their decisions about the subjects they will study. They remain supported throughout their educational journey and as they move towards making career choices.

One-of-a-Kind School Model in Singapore

Our curricula are internationally-recognised and are widely adopted in many schools around the world. We prepare students from the age of 3 until 19, when they are ready for University. We offer the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme for our Early Childhood and Primary students, the Cambridge IGCSE and IB Diploma Programme for our Secondary students.

These programmes are recognised around the world and opens doors for students for the rest of their lives.

Well-Equipped Classrooms and Grounds

One World International School Nanyang campus prioritises a top-quality learning experience through an ideal environment. Our classrooms are spacious and well-equipped, boasting iPads, Macbooks and LED displays. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, helping students feel at home and preparing them for learning both individually and cooperatively. The classrooms and communal areas are spacious and a beautiful earthy colour scheme runs throughout the school. There are outdoor study areas that are accessible to all and offer a dynamic learning environment.

Our ratio of teachers to students is high (1:14), meaning that for each teacher we have far fewer students than at other schools in our niche. This helps ensure that each student has a significant amount of teacher attention giving them the support and encouragement they need to reach their peak potential. It means that our teachers are able to spend time with their students and get to know their passions and interests. This helps them design educational sessions to suit the needs of their students. They are also able to act as a strong support system and will be able to monitor any changes in a child’s emotions or persona.

We also have specialist classrooms for Science, Art, Music and Drama. The outdoor sports and play facilities are extensive, with basketball courts and a football pitch as well as a running track and multipurpose hall. We offer a range of extracurricular activities which utilise all of these areas. Our garden, adventure playground and early childhood grounds expand our students’ active options even more. The grounds are designed to take learning outside the classroom, whether that means enjoying reading groups outside, painting murals or performing science experiments. Spending time outdoors is well documented to provide a stress-relieving environment. It also empowers our students to take action to protect the natural world around them. This is something that will become more and more important as the 21st century progresses. We ensure that we are educating our students to be well rounded, academically and practically skilled individuals who have a diverse and multicultural outlook on life.

These benefits combine to make One World International School one of the best options for international education in all of Singapore. The immersive environment, high expectations and English-language environment prepare all our students for success in higher education and later life, and all at a moderate fee.

We look forward to speaking with you more about our school and your child, so please feel free to get in touch today.

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