Why Teachers and Parents at OWIS Have Such a Strong Relationship

At One World International School, we recognise the essential role parents play in supporting their children’s learning. Like you, we strive to ensure that your child has a first-rate education. Because of our shared goals, building strong relationships with parents is a priority. A healthy rapport allows us to effectively support each other in our respective roles as we help students reach their highest potential. One of the primary ways we maintain strong parent-teacher connections is through open and frequent communication. Here’s what that looks like at OWIS.

Welcoming Atmosphere

At OWIS, we are committed to communicating with our students that they are valued and that they belong. The same applies to parents. From the time they first reach out to us to make initial inquiries or submit an admissions application, we treat them as members of our school community. We know that choosing the right school for their children is not something to be taken lightly, and we want to help them make the most informed decision possible. Providing a warm, welcoming atmosphere even before their child is admitted to OWIS gives parents an idea of what they can expect throughout their time with us.

Knowledgeable Communication

Our teachers incorporate children’s interests into the curriculum to personalise the learning and make it fun and engaging. This approach allows them to be highly knowledgeable about each child’s skills, strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, our teachers make a point to communicate with parents regularly to address any concerns they may have. This enables us to intervene quickly if a child is having problems at school and understand how best to help our students thrive. We value the feedback that parents provide, and parents appreciate our efforts to get to know their children.

Katrina H., parent of two primary school students at OWIS, says, “We appreciate the regular communication from the teachers so we know what and how our children are learning. Everyone is positive, pleasant, engaging and student-centered.”


Another aspect of our school culture that empowers parents is the availability of our teachers and staff. When they have a question or concern, parents know that our teachers are just an email away. Because our teachers place a high value on partnering with parents, they keep the lines of communication open and encourage parents to reach out. They do their best to connect with parents in the ways that work best for them, whether by phone, via email, or in-person.


At OWIS, we maintain high standards of professionalism in all of our operations, from admissions to event-planning. We provide ongoing professional development opportunities for our teachers and staff and align with the latest best practices in education. Transparency is also important to us, and we invite parents to approach us with any questions they may have about day-to-day school operations. Our competence and openness give parents confidence that we have their best interests at heart.

At OWIS, we provide many opportunities for parents to connect with us and to be involved in our mission to provide children with a world-class education. To learn more about our admissions process and how you can become a part of our vibrant school community, contact us to schedule a virtual tour.

This blog was originally written in collaboration with Jasween Gill, former Admissions and Communications Director, OWIS Nanyang and Suntec. 

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