Sports Programme

At One World International School, we provide a well-designed sports programme that is coordinated with our academic programme to support all aspects of child development.

The physical education programme at OWIS is designed to promote physical, social and emotional development in our students while simultaneously teaching them about the importance of healthy competition and teamwork. Our specialist-led classes incorporate the fundamentals of both team and individual sports while also teaching students about the value of making physical activity a lifelong healthy habit.

In addition to our physical education programme, students at OWIS have the opportunity to get involved in team sports. These co-curricular activities allow students to connect with their classmates and teachers while competing against other schools in the area.


House Sports Activities

Student led team sports within the House system are directed by House Captains who are responsible for organising teams and ensuring fair play.

 Students have the opportunity to use their skills on behalf of a team and take pride in what they’ve learned and accomplished. Sports provide an excellent way for students to enjoy a sense of community with other House members. Participation is easy because there’s no need to sign up. House Captains select the teams ahead of time.

Benefits of Team Sports

Team sports help to lay the foundation to prepare our children to be tomorrow’s dynamic leaders.

early childhood

Early Childhood

At this age, health and fitness in school are intended to challenge students’ locomotor abilities. We provide a safe, comfortable environment for young children to learn to use and control their bodies through coordination and balance, take risks and challenge their abilities. Engaging lessons get our students excited about sports and exercise.

Primary Years

At this level, our physical education programme aligns with core values of the Primary Years Programme (PYP), including the units of inquiry students explore in the classroom. Participation in team sports enables children to be more resilient, learn self-control, form healthy relationships and of course, boost their physical health.

Secondary Years

In our secondary school sports programme, the PE curriculum includes two specialists classes per week. Every year, students participate in seven units, and each lasts 5-6 weeks. Well-thought-out units are designed to promote skills in 4 areas:

Thinking skills – engaging and preparing for lessons

Attitude and approach to activities and sports

Performance and motor skills

Demonstrating knowledge and application of skills

These skills are important not only in individual and team sports, but they’re also essential for success in higher education, careers and all other areas of life.

All students at OWIS have sports instruction but those students that wish to pursue further studies in PE have the option to complete an CAIE IGCSE in Physical Education in Grade 9 and 10. For our IBDP students, physical education is covered under their CAS programme.

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