A Diverse Teaching Workforce: 4 ways it benefits international school students

International schools in major cities around the world often promote their commitment to diversity. Unfortunately, teacher diversity in international schools does not reflect this commitment, and this situation needs to change.

Our children gain a well-rounded education thanks to a variety of teachers. In fact, teacher diversity creates informed and successful global citizens in four ways.

1. Teacher Diversity Promotes Inclusion

Many international schools seek to attract a diverse student body, but adversely, they hire few non-Caucasian teachers. The teachers of colour they do hire simply create an illusion of diversity for the school.

2. Teacher Diversity Develops International Mindedness

It stands to reason that international schools that implement IB shall also employ teachers with the same character traits they wish to instil in students. It’s not enough to teach diversity. Schools with integrity must hire teachers who model diversity and practise international mindedness, too. Diversity in cultures and a commitment to world citizenry are two essential traits for teachers in a thriving international school.

3. Teacher Diversity Represents Subcultures

Diversity includes countless subcultures. For example, teachers from a single country may speak different dialects, wear different clothing and follow different traditions. India is one country that has close to 30 different states, each with its own language or multiple languages.

With so many subcultures, it’s important for international schools to embrace diversity.

Diversity in international schools recognises the uniqueness of subcultures. Like OWIS, they will actively recruit and hire teachers who have lived and worked in a variety of different countries, have earned advanced degrees from various leading global institutions and have travelled extensively throughout the world. Teachers who have taught in international locations and model international mindedness bring a unique perspective to a school and demonstrate the beauty, value and importance of all subcultures.

4. Teacher Diversity Provides Role Models

Children in an international school may come from many countries and cultures. For example, the global student body at the OWIS Nanyang campus represents 70 nationalities.

Children can and do learn every day from teachers who look different from them. But the diversity of teachers in international schools increases a child’s access to relevant role models. Children feel included when their teacher looks like them, and students appreciate connecting with teachers who understand their unique cultural practices,  beliefs and history. A diverse faculty also shows all children that it is possible to succeed no matter what nationality they belong to.

If a school promotes itself as internationally minded, it should also employ teachers who represent the students in the school and serve as role models. Diversity in international schools includes a student body and a staff body that work together to create a better world.

Teacher Diversity Thrives at OWIS

Teacher diversity in international schools is demonstrated at OWIS. Our diverse community includes representatives from many nations and subcultures, and our extraordinary teachers contribute to the vibrancy of our school as they shape and nurture future global citizens.

‘One with the World’ is a core principle of the OWIS learning model that’s evident throughout our campus. Visit us to see all the ways our staff and students prioritise diversity and become global citizens in an intentional environment where we practise what we promote.

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